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Sandton, Gauteng (South Africa)

Sighted on Friday 07. June 2002
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Shape: Sphere, Other | Duration: 00:30:00

My Merkabah ExperienceOn January 7, 2002, I was having another one of those conversations with my friend Derek. This time we had an intellectual conversation regarding the interpretation of events in our realities and how useful it really is to define our experiences. No matter how advanced the definitions might be, we may somewhat loose the experience in a mist of other visions. We may loose the experience by intellectualising. We applied the argument to the experience and idea of merkabah in particular. What became clear to me is that Derek has seen wheels within wheels (spoken about in the bible) opening in the sky, and he believed. At that stage, I was weary of definition, as I had not experienced something that had to be defined as merkabah only. But what a surprise it turned out to be the next morning when I had such an enriching experience of opening my eyes up and immediately gazing on something that made me eat my words. I really felt that without the idea of merkabah I would not have been able to understand the beating heart of light that was flashing outside my window. I had woken up without any conscious prefabrication and seen something undeniable that lasted for a half hour in the sky.In front of my very eyes hovered a sphere of immense dimensions (about an acre of sky) and it silently flashed brighter and duller for half an hour before I had to leave and get on with my busy day. Part of it was covered by a very, low-hanging cloud and it was bright enough at between seven to eight in the morning to light up the clouds with its distinct impression. Other than that cloud, there were no other clouds in the sky at all.After the first five minutes I had to refresh myself in the bathroom and came back to the window after a few monites and after having splashed my face with cold water, only to realise that I had not been dreaming. I checked to see where the moon and sun were and needless to say, they were in different places in the sky that morning. I could see the object behind the cloud and showing itself between the puffs. The light was not coming from a beam or anything of that nature. It was made of light and the cloud in front of it slowly disappeared to reveal itself more and more throughout the experience.Just two weeks before, a friend of mine (Derek) and I were using the mantras connected with merkabah experiences in that very garden in Riverclub.The experience was such a shock that I found myself crying intermittently right through that day especially. I wish I had broken my frozen stare when I went back to the window as my camera was in the next room and I would have a picture to show you. It was due to amazement and shock that I didn't reach for it.Seven Green craft in formationMy most recent sighting was in September of 2004. I was telling my friend Justin about some of my sightings two weeks before and had a feeling he would see one soon. To my amazement, looking out of my kitchen in Linden, I noticed seven deep emerald lights flying in jaggered formation slowly across the sky in the distance. We both observed the silent encounter in amazement. It lasted about a minute or so. Then, within a half hour, another one of our friend's called from the suburb of Morningside about six kms away and expressed that he had seen two of them more close-up. He described two emerald-green Chinese-lantern-like objects silently breeze past him in the sky above.A Bright Ball of Light in the Sky Since Prof Hurtak's lectures and even earlier, I have always wanted to see flying craft of higher spiritual worlds: Aged about sixteen in 1983 my father and I were travelling north out of the city of Johannesburg on the M1. We had just come back from the cinema. It was late December and most people were away visiting the coast for the holiday season, so the roads were very empty. It was a little after midnight, and there was a drizzle coming down from low-lying clouds. My father was driving, coming round a major bend in the highway. For a while I observed a small light in the distance, what at first seemed like a low-flying aeroplane taking off or landing. However, it staid in the sky under the canopy. The light grew brighter as it got closer until it was very clearly visible above the car. Its path was smooth, and then it hovered for about ten seconds. Of course, we were driving and so I was leaning more and more forward in the car to avoid seeing the object through the blue visor-strip on the windshield.At that stage, I was not sure whether my father had seen it or not, and had refrained from saying anything in fear of ridicule. But now I was sure this was nothing I had seen before. It was a big, round ball of brilliant white light that seemed to be shinning inwards, and it did not emit a beam. It was just sitting in the sky. I had no option and said to Louis, "Look dad!"He looked up and instantly the craft dashed diagonally down to the other side of the highway behind some bushes. We both could scarcely believe the rapidity of this movement. As he had not seen the craft stationary, the image left on his retina and upon his imagination was of a more elongated craft dashing towards the ground in preparation to crash in a big explosion. He swerved the car across two lanes of highway throwing out his arm in front of me and shouting out by instinct. He then proceeded to drive on, dazed and literally white in the face. I could not persuade him to return immediately. On arriving home, I persuaded Wendy to backtrack. It had gone, but the excitement of seeing it still lives on.Someone Switched the Lights on in the SkyAbout a year and a half later, I saw something with two friends of mine, Debbie and Laurence, also while driving on the M1 north, but further out in Sandton. We observed normal, yellow-white lightning all around us as it was raining again, and had been for the last few hours. Looking over the buildings in an industrial area on the left, suddenly we all saw a huge cloud suddenly lighting up with a more intense, blue-white light that seemed distinct from the thunder activity. It might have been as much as half the horizon that was lit up as if in daylight, and we had now rolled back the sunroof to have a fuller look and slowed down the car to a halt. The light remained without flickering for about twenty seconds and then vanished. It was so bright that the ground lit up bright enough to see the colours of the leaves on the trees and the green grass for all that time.I had half forgotten about this experience when I had walked into a cafe-come-market in about the year 2000 in the suburb of Norwood. I bumped into Debbie who I had not seen since about the time of the experience. She immediately reminded me of it, and I began to wonder why I had blocked it from my conscious mind. I think that my schema could not incorporate an object of such magnitude floating above some clouds, or I couldn���t comprehend how clouds could light up that way all by themselves, and I had passed it off as some freak of nature or something. Fluorescent Tube in the SkyIn late June 1999, I was at a party with lots of lights in a small garden of an acquaintance of mine (Mark), and I began to feel uncomfortable with the low level of interactions I was observing. I had a sensation that I was seeing through a weird social game and I thought of leaving. I actually rolled my eyes and suddenly as I did so, I noticed a long cylinder about three times the size of a 747 with no windows, markings or wings but rather shining as a fluorescent light would. It silently passed by for a brief moment (at most three seconds) and appeared from the bottom of one cloud moving in to another through a small gap in the canopy of clouds. No one else at the party had any inkling of it being there and it was travelling just above the bottom end of the clouds. It would really have looked like attention-seeking if I had mentioned something at the time. There was nothing more to see and frustratingly enough, there was no one to tell. I left very soon thereafter.

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