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Hondo (Canada), AB

Sighted on Wednesday 22. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: 4 seconds

SymetricalHi there, i have a video of a something flying to wards a wild game camera in the middle of a pea field. Very strange object, carry's with it a vantage point and perception that appears circular in shape.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Athabasca (Canada), AB 2017-04-29 Disk <5 seconds
Slave Lake, Alberta (Canada) 2017-03-13 Triangle
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Slave Lake, Alberta (Canada) 2013-07-13 Cigar Undisclosed
Athabasca, Alberta (Canada) 2013-06-30 Fireball 00:03:00
Athabasca (Canada), AB 2010-08-21 Circle 5-10 minutes
Slave Lake (Canada), AB 2007-07-21 Disk 1 min
Swan Hills (Canada), AB 2002-01-23 Circle 10 min
Wabasca (Canada), AB 1997-08-21 Circle
Athabasca (Canada), AB 1997-07-27 Disk 3 hours
Northern Alberta (Canada), AB 1995-08-10 Chevron 4/5 minutes
Swan Hills, Alberta (Canada) 1989-08-31 Disc Undisclosed
Wabasca (Canada), AB 1979-10-07 Disk unsure(missing time)
St. Albert, and Wabasca (Canada), AB 1970-04-15 Unknown 30secs-20min