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Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)

Sighted on Sunday 11. November 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 02:00:00

WHERE WERE WE?: On 10th - 11th November 2012 Saturday-Sunday night - Sunday 3:30 am to 5:30 am (IST 03:30 to IST 05:30).Location reading taken from handheld GPS: North 19 deg 01.147' & East 073 deg 17.087' - Matheran, Panorama Point, Maharashtra, India.WHAT WERE WE DOING?: Stargazing with telescopes (150 mm Newtonian reflector on Dobsonian with 25 mm & 10 mm eyepieces).WHAT MADE US FIRST NOTICE THE OBJECT?: A glow in the sky as big as the full moon and having a similar brightness of the moonlight around it. Imagine the size of full moon and there is no moon in there!WHAT DID WE THINK WHEN THE OBJECT WAS FIRST NOTICED?: A Nebula so prominent and how could we have missed it!DESCRIPTION OF OBJECT: The spaceship had 3 pinpoints of lights. Like 3 fingers (index, middle & ring fingers) of our hand. Unequal in height. Here the spaceship had index finger light most bright and ahead than the other two. The other two pinpoint light sources were dim as compared to index finger's pinpoint light source and were equal in brightness.ACTIONS & MOTIONS OF THE OBJECT: Slaty grey colored waves like Wifi signal symbol were emanating on the front & the back side of the spaceship. It moved slowly but definitely. We know artificial satellites like ISS or HST move fast in an arc, having a visible pass of few minutes with naked eyes. This moved in a straight line and then made a turn to descend and then ascend. When it made the turn, the Wifi signal symbol-like waves emanating from it, changed their pattern, to resemble a floral pattern, which is illustrated in the UFO PDF uploaded below. As it moved to one side, the waves emanated from its opposite side, appearing to propel it or leave from its exhaust. First seen near Star Canopus > Took a turn near Star Alphard > Last seen near Star Procyon.The travel path was as long as the big dipper asterism in the sky!OUR FEELINGS, REACTIONS & ACTIONS DURING AND AFTER THE SIGHTING OF THE OBJECT: As soon as we saw it, through the telescope, binoculars and unaided eyes, there were shouts of joy and ecstasy! Ours was a mixed group of people of mature age and understanding. There were multiple questions as to what could it be. We tried contacting local astronomical societies, who all were sleeping then. We continued our observations non-stop, recording its movement against the background stars.We didn't have a camera / D-SLR to photograph or video-record this event. The mobile cameras could not record the faint light of this far away object.HOW DID WE LOSE THE SIGHT OF THE OBJECT? We didn't. For almost 2 hours, we kept on seeing it. It did become faint as it went far away from us. But the most important thing was, it stayed there. It got lost in the haze of the rising sun as it dawned. The sky became too bright to observe any further.Please check the PDF file uploaded for diagrams & star charts.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Mumbai, Maharashtra (India) 2013-12-20 Fireball, Star-like Undisclosed
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Mumbai, MAH (Canada), MB 1999-04-07 Sphere 15 sec
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Mumbai (India) 1994-03-01 Other 10 seconds
Mumbai (India) 1985-09-15 Other 45 MINS ++
Mumbai, Maharashtra (India) 1891-03-03 Square, Rectangular 00:00:00