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Moosejaw, Saskatchewan (Canada)

Sighted on Wednesday 15. May 2002
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Shape: Cone, Teardrop, Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

while driving down the old back roads near our farm,which is a mile north of Cardross Saskatchewan. my cousin and myself were practising driving. as we went up one of the big hills in the area we seen these three very bright lights in the sky. the lights were about five feet in diameter, with about another 15 or 20 feet in between them. they made a triangular shape and in between the three sphere's it appeared to be blacker then the night's sky it's self. it just hovered there while we we're watching it almost as if we were being watched ourselves. at the top of the hill we stopped and were in awe as well as stricken with curiosity of what could have made such bright lights at this time at night. at first we thought it could have a combine going back to the field or somewhere, but we soon figured that it's may the seed is barely in the ground let alone be harvested. so we knew it wasn't that. after a couple mins we drove down the hill and went to the top of the next hill, which was higher than the first, to get a better view of what we were looking at. when we got to the top the lights had disappeared. we decided to drive around and look for what we had just seen. we went to the end of the road, found nothing. we turned left and drove for about 2 miles, didn't see anything that could have made the lights. we turned around and went back and continued north to go to our pasture. another 2 miles and still nothing. we back tracked to our road but instead of going home we decided to go east and check it out that way. we went all the way to the highway and found nothing, we were stunned that we could not find what it was. then it occured to us that it must have been a UFO. when we got home we instantly told our family about what we had seen our grandfather then told us that other people had been seeing that same thing around the area before. he even told me about his own UFO experience back in the sixties.to this day me and my cousin still dont know what it was that showed its self to us on that night, but we are pretty sure we have a good idea that it was a UFO

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