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McAlester, Oklahoma (United States)

Sighted on Friday 02. August 2002
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Shape: Other | Duration: Undisclosed

One night I rode my a tv up to our pasture which was located on a hilltop above our home.i rode around checking our perimeter fence an then parked dead center shut off the a tv leaned back and stared up at the clear starry sky.as I smoked a cigarette I watched looking towards Oklahoma state prison an saw stars seem to vanish then appear again.located close to our home are hills that's when u could really see it was a flying craft.i couldn't believe my eyes an wished I had a witness to experience this but I was all alone that night.the craft seemed to follow the hills then came towards me.when it centered above it was huge shiny completely silent.it beamed a light down to the exact spot I had drove to when I drove to the center of our pasture.the light beam was bright white around 10ft. Squared and coming directly toward me.when it shined on me I all I thought of was u don't want me up there with u I'm to crazy.the light ascended up again showing its size an only stars around it.when it moved away from me I watched how it had no affect to high grass or trees.i sat in total shock slapped my face a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming,started the a tv up drove like hell down to tell my dad,but the closer I got I knew I couldn't tell what I had seen due to some kind of ridicule.this honestly was the coolest experience ever,I will never forget it.thank you

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