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Varanasi (India),

Sighted on Friday 12. October 2012
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Shape: Changing | Duration: 8 seconds

I Witnessed a holographic-like display of about 50 points of light rapidly transforming into various 3-dimensional rectangular shapesStanding atop a hotel roof overlooking the Ganga river in Varanasi, India, around 11 pm one night a friend and I saw a UFO that i could only describe as a holographic light display of rapidly transforming 3-dimensional shapes for about 10 seconds, shoot across my field of vision along the river for about 5km's without making an impression on the water. It wasn't something far away in the distance, but an up close visual display perhaps 100m from the middle of the river, but the lights were about 2 stories high, 10 metres in height, very large 'object' something like this [1] it was more rectangular than cubed, so it seemed like a vehicle of sorts.This varanasi picture [2] shows you the spatial dimensions, us up on one of the highest hotels overlooking the river, and the UFO/Object around where the boat is, but about 6 or 7 times as large.It was a set of about 50 individual points of light all moving and shifting and transforming into different geometric shapes like a hologram as it moved along faster than any man-made object could possibly move. At one stage they expanded out into a kind of circular peacock tail like this [3] and then contracted and transformed into a various geoemetric cubes all attached and moving and forming a larger overall shape.An hour earlier I had seen lights in the sky: It all began as I was set to walk back to my hotel for the 30 minutes trip when the power went out in a 10km radius in the city, the atmosphere became very 'wild' as if i had been transported a few hundred years into the medieval past into a lawless vibrantly alive place full of horses, dogs etc, As I was walking I noticed a golden orb flash in the sky for micro-second, I thought it was odd and kept walking whereupon i came to the main market and saw a UFO hovering around like a conventional UFO sighting, flashing rapidly in various different points in the sky for around 20 seconds in the distance.I got back to my hotel and on top of the roof and went and stood on the balcony next to a korean man whom i had met a few weeks earlier. We both stood there looking at the river, i told him what i had just seen, and then he went on to tell me he had seen UFO's in Australia a year or so ago. As we were having this conversation I had turned my head to the side and all of a sudden he shouted 'LOOK' and pointed to a shape in the middle of the river and it was incredibly distinct, some kind of ghostship-like shape was materializing for 2 seconds and a few split seconds after we had noticed it become more clear and spread out into lots of individual points of light rapidly changing shapes as it moved along the river until it disappeared on the right side of our field of vision about 5km down the river in 5 or 6 seconds Lots of Wows! and Whoa's! were had and then we both went back to our rooms, we had seen something incredible, but so surreal that it didn't really make much of a dent, i mean, the implications are enormous and yet it doesn't change every day life.The feeling was very supernatural, like every-day life had been punctured by some unknown force and humanity would reach some kind of singularity experience if this type of thing occurred more often than not, it was around december 10 last year, so the dec 21st 2012 hype was in the air and I didn't know what to make of it all, only that an alien contact with humanity seemed a possibility.I was extremely happy and life was a mythical type adventure at that current time so I feel that has something to do with the sighting, not the "every day reality" of suburban monotony I'm currently living in.Hasn't really changed me much, what are you meant to do with the experience? All I know was, what we experienced was really fucking bizarre, far more bizarre than a conventional UFO sighting, it was more like a 10 second holographic light display from some kind of "interdimensional" object and has added weight to the idea of a really bizarre quantum universe operating across all levels simultaneously.If anyone can recommend a good book regarding more hypothetical theorizing and experience stories of an intense type of contact with possible "inter-dimensional objects" and the primacy of consciousness and awareness, that would be ace.

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