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Sighted on Monday 13. August 2012
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Shape: Fireball | Duration: 2 minutes

2 bright orange glowing balls hovering over Taipei, Taiwan, at a low altitudeI was working in my living room which faces West. I suddenly saw 2 very bright orange and large glowing balls come straight down slowly from above, I was very startled and grabbed my cell phone , nervously opened the camera and begin to video record the event. The glowing balls descended slowly to a certain height and then just hovered for a matter of seconds , one of the glowing balls blinked out and was gone leaving another hovering , this is the glowing ball that I was able to capture on video as it hovered and then also blinked out and both were gone. My initial thoughts were that I had possibly been witness to a mid air collision of aircraft , I began searching the TV News for news of such an event had occurred , nothing unusual was reported. I then began to feel that what I just witnessed may have not been a naturally occurring phenomenon. I heard about your website from listening to the Jeff Rense Show and decided to report this, I have a short , clear video capture and am happy to share it with you if it can help with your research. I to this day have no idea what I saw however half a year later I saw similar glowing balls again and there were multiple witnesses, I will make a separate report.

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