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Pikeville, KY

Sighted on Friday 22. August 2014
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Shape: Light | Duration: 10 seconds

Witnessed an non-flashing orange object in the sky larger than a star move from west to east for ten seconds before vanishing.Approaching midnight of August 22, 2014, my fiancé and I were walking down the street towards our home after getting a late night snack. We were nearing our house so I reached in my pocket to get my house keys. I raised my keys up above my head so the street light would allow me to easily identify my deadbolt key. It was at this time that I noticed an orange light high in the sky to the north. It appeared to be moving steadily from west to east with an even glow. I asked my fiancé to look up at the light and she easily found it as it was the only light in the sky. We continued to watch this light source move for the next few moments, all the while I kept expecting to see some sort of navigation light (red/green strobes) but it remained consistently orange. For about ten (10) seconds we watched this strange light until it abruptly disappeared. There were no sounds present at this time. The weather that evening was overcast with thunderstorms in the area but a! t this time there was no precipitation or lightning present. I have completed two college-level astronomy classes with dozens of nighttime viewing hours and I haven’t seen any aircraft, satellite, or celestial body quite like this. This experience gave me chills because it just simply did not show any signs of being anything that I have witnessed in the past.

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