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Shinnston, WV

Sighted on Thursday 20. November 2014
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 2-4 minutes

Low altitude craft flies over car, and possible physical evidence.November 20, 2014. My sister and I were driving toward Clarksburg WV, on US-19 about 2 miles outside of Shinnston, WV. It was around 19:30 when I saw the lights out in the distance. I noticed two white lights above a hill. They looked like headlights. It was about as high as a cell tower. I thought it might be for a while because the lights were staying in one place. Something didn’t seem quite right with it. I pointed it out to my sister. She agreed it didn’t look right. We became transfixed on this light. It was hard to concentrate on driving.We rounded a turn and the lights are now on our right. We’re both staring at these lights suspended above the hill. We are now about a mile from where we first saw the lights. Then the object started moving. It flew over the road to our left an unknown distance in front of us. We began to feel uneasy. As it flew over the road something came out of the object. It looked like a fireball. It was attached to the object because any move the object made it did too, but it never returned to the object. The object turned back toward us and flew directly over us.I had my window down with my head halfway out the window, and I couldn’t make out any shape to the object. The radio was off, and I couldn’t hear any sound coming from the object. I opened the moonroof of the truck and my sister got a very good look at the lights, and she said that she couldn’t make out anything on it either. It was like it was there, but not. It’s something that I can’t quite find the words to describe. I went and turned around at a diner that was right up the road. When we came back it was gone.We dismissed it as probably an airplane, and we were overreacting. We went into town and got what we needed. On the way back, we used I-79N to Fairmont. There was a small plane that was trying to line up for landing at the North Central West Virginia Airport. It flew over the interstate and made a sharp turn similar to that the object made earlier. This is when the differences in the two became apparent.One, the plane had a lot more lights than the object had earlier in the night. The plane had red and green lights that were clearly visible. Two, the plane was faster than our object. Finally, the plane’s turn was nothing like our object’s turn. The plane didn’t have the maneuverability the object did. When he plane turned it banked to one side. Whereas, our object stayed on a flat plane the entire time. The plane went a great distance to make a turn. Ours made the turn in an instant. It moved much more gracefully than the plane did.I don’t know what I saw. I do know that the object was less than 500 feet above us, and neither of us could make out any shape to the object. I also know that whatever came out of the object didn’t appear to go back to the object. I don’t know what it was or if there is physical evidence out there. There is a public trail over there. I plan to go out this weekend to search for anything that might have come down.

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