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Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu (India)

Sighted on Sunday 30. September 2012
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Shape: Saturn-like | Duration: Undisclosed

It was happened in kodaikanal as I was persuing my BBA in my college. It happened at evening, as me and my were interacting near the our hostel. A sudden fireball of light appeared on sky and was moving fast and went behind the mountain. The sound and the greenish flame made me notice the object. At first I thought it was a shootingstar. I think after a few days, the water in kodaikanal lake showed a boiling nature by providing bubbles in water. I hop certain particles are still in lake. I always felt a alien presence at kodaikanal as because kodaikanal is a place situated in India which is to the lower middle regions of India. From a distinct allocation of place ( from above sky) in India concentrates on the regions of kodaikanal and kodaikanal also has a colD climate.The object was moving from north to east at a speed of around 500 km - 1000 km / hour.As everyone was believed in shooting star and meteors I also felt the same. But I believe in aliens and their study in our planet earth They creates and modifies the living creature under for a further purposed for future. During this period of time my eye vision also changed, now I believe it's because of this..... I have no arguments on aliens but as a a part of this world and creations we also have certain duties toward the nature and all particles of this world. As it is said " time is only the true unit of measurement." And I think" circles are the real findings to unlock this time as per my findings. Hope to be a part of knowing my home world.....

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