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Vail, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 30. August 2015
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: 02:00:00

I was first aware the object was in the town where I live from a local Buy and sell facebook page. Someone posted a cell phone picture of it and asked if anyone else has seen it. They described it as a silver disc going slowly across the sky. A few people said they see the same thing. I started commenting on how I have seen so many UFO's here in the county. I was looking off my deck and could not find it. I put a comment asking that if anyone sees it again to please message me as soon as possible. A guy that was approximately 30 miles away in Vail said he could see it hovering above the Gore Range. He then posted a picture with his cell phone. I got in my car with my infrared camera and drove a bit faster than the speed limit to get there, I cut the time down to get there to 25 minutes. When I first saw it I was in my car on I-70 going towards Vail. I sped a little faster. As he said it was just hovering there while clouds went past it. I pulled off the highway to East Vail and parked in a parking structure on the side of the Highway. I was very excited to finally get my first video. I just parked my car no parking zone to get my tripod and camera set up to start recording. I got it all set up and started recording then parked my car in an actual parking space. Luckily I went illegally over the speed limit because I was only able to capture the last 2 minutes it was visible before it got covered by dense clouds. Now that I look at the UFO's that were on the news in Breckenridge, they are very similar. I look forward to helping in any way. I believe it is kind of my mission to expose what is really going on.I have also had A LOT of other experiences that we could talk about. My very first experience that I remember was on the night of my 13th birthday. My friends and I were camping alone in our front yard in Hamburg, Michigan. I was young and did not think much of even knowing it was a UFO. I remember seeing 4 red lights on the top and bottom and around 6 green lights sandwiched in between the red lights. It was the closest one I have ever seen. I remember going to sleep and it was still just hovering out in this field. The object I saw when I was 22 was when it got really weird. I won't go completely into it right now but it came to me and we communicated with each other for over a month every night. This being was more malevolent that I would have liked. This event had a severe impact on me mentally and consciously. In the beginning it was absolutely horrifying to say the least but now that some time has gone past I believe it has actually helped me quite a bit. If you want to know more please just ask, I would love to get this story out and help in any way possible. It would take a very long time to describe all that has happened, would prefer to talk. I am moving away from Colorado in the beginning of October though for at least 6 months so anytime before that or possibly after the 6 months if we have to.Thanks for listening!


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