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Omak, WA

Sighted on Wednesday 01. July 2015
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 1 hour

Red lights and blinking light.As my wife and I were sitting out in our backyard on recliners, we started noticing 3 red blinking lights at a 45 degree angle to the right of the moon where we were sitting. They blink out and appeared minutes later on the other side of the night sky. They moved across the night sky from southwest to northeast bouncing around in different formations. Then they combined as one and disappeared. At this time I had ran in the house and got my iPad and filmed as much as I could. Then a then a fourth white/red blinking light moved across the sky southwest to northeast starting just above our neighbors trailer. It moved very slowly and disappeared in the horizon. My wife went inside she was spooked. As I sat there I watched it come back and I tried to film it. I thought maybe this was just a plane or a fire helicopter during the night, but as it got close I saw the full shape with my eyes it was cylinder and had light around it and slanted light on the bottom. The lights moved in sequence and reminded me of led moving dolor lights. I was frozen and scared since it was night above about the size of a button. I got up ran in side and got my wife out of bed. I brought her to the front to see if we could see it together. I was in sight and moving at a steady pace south and disappeared after a minute. I told her what it saw and that was it. I have what my iPad recording getting sent to the e-mail below.

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