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Bjoneroa, Oppland (Norway)

Sighted on Wednesday 24. February 2016
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Shape: Teardrop | Duration: Undisclosed

so... i was sitting in my car on my way to pick up a friend, i had my ham radio on. in the other car seat, then something made me look in the sky, it was like my eyes noticed something so i checked.. the second i saw it i was sure it just was a Meteor or something.. but at the same second i realized it wasn't moving, it was just there, then like 2 seconds after it flew straight up with a U turn towards the ground, when it was half way to ground it just disappeared in a milli sec.. and it was so big, the closest thing i can compare it with is one of those "Road lights" dunno if that is what its called but the lights along the side of the road? :P with an orange light bulbe.. seen from 30 meters... But again not the same as normal light, you know when you look at light you can see these light beams out from the sides, this didn't happen when i saw this, and that was something i noticed as well.. and the ham radio i was talking about,, like 6-7 secs after it went away, my radio made this sound "Bew!!" fast and really loud, it was like something flew over my car and almost hit my antenna or something. i got radio license and use radios ALOT, and i have never heard any radio make that sound.. the attached picture is from google maps, exacly where i was, and the same way i was driving, and i drew the object i saw, in the sice i belive i saw it as well.on the picture is day, and some skyes, but that night it was a clear sky.i remember the time really well, because i took out my phone dialing the police number.. but then i just didnt call them, googled UFO reporting instead and found you. calling the police telling you just saw something that could be an UFO i dunno... does it happen ofthen`? its not like the police can do anything for you anyways...what i saw that night, is unique to anything i have seen my whole life, now every time im outside i always look up, in a hope of seeing this again.


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