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Sheboygan, Wisconsin (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 18. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: 02:00:01

I was walking home from my girlfriend's house, it had been a beautiful clear sky night and i had previously gazed at stars and watched what appeared to be a blood moon. i was walking east towards my house and at first glance i could notice something floatimg above the lake. it was very bright like a star and reflecting off michigan like the moon was. i had been star gazing just an hour earlier, this object was not there an hour earlier. but something was off about it, it was unnaturally bright. i wiped my eyes and at second glance i could see multiple lights and noticed it slowly ascending into the sky. i couldnt belive what i was seeing i was a bit in shock or disbelief being a person of christianity. i knew it was time to film. i pulled out my phone and took multiple pictures but thought a video would be the best bet. during the filming i remained stationary and you can distinctly see the object begin to move around and blink diffwrent colors. after reviewing the video the following day, you can see a distinct green tint from the object as i sent to you. i ran home (just 2 blocks away) and awoke my brother we both went down to the beach and watched what occured for the next 2 hours that has my reality shook and me in fear. at first glance, he was skeptical and said it just looked like a star, at this point the obkect had ascwnded very high into the sky and morning clouds were beginning to float accross the lake. i told him to look a bit closee and he did,wven at its height you could still see multiple lights and faint blinking. we stood watching it and observing it for about 10 minutes until we could see on the horizon a distinct fold flash or explosion. from the explosion 4 not as bright lights surfaced on the horizon 5 minutes later. they were a solid 5 miles or so away feom shore but i could make out they were glowing from above and under the water. the 2 on the north began to move slowly rowards eachother anf the 2 on the south did the same. once they met with eachother the glow of their light grew by 2× and it appeared the pairs connected together anf began to migrate towards eachother. at this point clouds completely covered the aerial ufo and once they moved it was no longer visible. it had disappeared entirely.10 minutes later the pairs on the lake united and the glow and reflection from them was equal to the aerial orb i had saw. i began to travel south and i stopped watching. since seeing the ufo and sharing my video and evidence with feienda and family. my mom has claimed to see flaehing lights in pur backyard and my brother has claimed to see them too. could be possible paranoia. on july 20th me and both my mom and brother heard unnatural growling and almost gissing coming from the beach from our backyard; i live on lakeshore property. couldve been racoons or some other animal the beach and bluff is abundant with life. but just today i had a unnaturally lucid nightmare that brings me to tears in fear just reviewing it which i can do so vividly. i am reaching out to you as i am concerned for my and sheboygans safety. death is a human construct but i am fearful of the unknown. the dream beganbwith me and my girlfriend being at a nearby neighbors house outside on the porch. no ones around and its evening but very cloudclomy girlfriend laying on a matress naked on the porch. nearby on the right side of the house is a clothes line with an oversized beed sheet about 20 ft x 20 ft blowing in the wind. im standing in front of it. my girlfriend calls to me and i smile. a gust of wind begons and the sheets blow south covwring the bottom view of my girlfriend. than something behing the sheet grabs her legs and pulls her behind the sheets. she begins screaming for my help. but i am paralyzed i cannot move at all. i hear the same growling sounds heard on the beach the other day as my girlfriend screams foe me and says "an alien is attacoinf her." i cant speak or move im vulnerable and the only reason im in thos world is being raped or killed by whatever the fuck is behind this unaturally large sheet. i wake up soaking in sweat, in tears screaming my girlfriends name. my brother wakes up too and we both feel a very odd atmosphere in the house. we search the house and find nothing. pleaee get back to me asap i have no idea what was on the lake or is on the shore.


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