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Paris, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 03. December 2017
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:02:00

I had laid down in bed, and was just thinking about the nature of reality as i am prone to do. i felt the weight of a small child, say about the age of 4 run across the foot of the bed very swiftly. i felt the weight of the cloaked entity come in behind me and spoon me. instantly, i felt a deep desire to go right to sleep but i knew this was not ultimately in my best interest. i wasn't afraid, but i wasn't going out without at least putting up a fight. i had a similar instance years ago and i had called upon the name of jesus and the situation instantly dissipated, so i tried to say jesus name aloud but realized i was in sleep paralysis. keep in mind this was happening within 45 seconds at this point. i thought the name of jesus as i tried to move. i told myself i am not losing consciousness. if the entity was going to take me he had better bring help. within 30 seconds i was able to roll off the bed to my left over the area the entity would have been lying. i did not feel his body as i rolled over. i got to my feet. i felt his presence still in the room, and i walked into the adjoining dining room and closed the door behind me. i looked at my phone and the time was 11:33pm. i never felt fear, but i did think inside my head as though to speak to the entity telepathically, "what are your intentions?" i didn't receive a response. i emailed my brother and told him about the experience. i sat up for about an hour, then decided to go back to sleep. i awoke at 6:45am this morning (december 4, 2017) very drowsy and almost unable to get out of bed. i would gladly take a polygraph test without prior notice concerning the issue described above.

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