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Terre Haute, Indiana (United States)

Sighted on Friday 29. September 2017
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Shape: Other | Duration: 04:00:00

A little over two months ago i was on my front porch enjoying the warm evening. i enjoy looking at the stars in the sky. i saw an object that was odd. not being a ufo believer, i was shocked. i knew it wasn't a planet or star. not quite sure what i thought it might be. it was a round object. it had a dome on top and a small round part underneath. this small part had green and red lights circling it. i observed it for over an hour. it moved up and down. then out of the blue, it moved quickly across the sky in almost a diagonal direction. i felt confused about the whole thing. i'm a spirit-filled christian and what i observed was against everything i ever learned. i went back inside and tried to forget about the incident. easier said than done. a few days later i prayed. i asked god if what i saw was real, then allow me to observe it again. i went outside on my porch. low and behold there it was. since that night, i have observed this most evenings over 2 1/2 months. the longest i have watched it in one evening is about 4 hours. sometimes i have observed 2. i have also observed an object being bright and fade quickly. almost completely disappearing. i have told no one, but i am no longer an unbeliever.

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