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Provo, Utah (United States)

Sighted on Monday 18. December 2017
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: 00:00:08

1. where were you and what were you doing at the time? i was in a local park in orem, utah, i was momentarily star gazing with my fiance and her parents while walking our dog. 2. what made you first notice the object? i was looking up for a few minutes while my fiance walked ahead of me with the dog, she was well ahead of me in yelling range while her family (behind me) was equally, if not more far. as i was looking up optimistically looking for shooting stars, i noticed an incredibly faint “boomerang” shaped object moving at a seemingly high rate of speed towards the south east. 3. what did you think the object was when you first noticed it? at first i thought it was a small single prop airplane, i see these very often at low altitude during the night where i live, as i live just south of a municipal airport just 30 min north of orem. immediately i recognized it wasn’t that due to the unusual shape and distinct lack of sound and lights. i also thought it could have been some kind of atmospheric phenomena, as it was well past dusk but still with very very faint amounts of sunlight in the distance. 4. describe the object and it’s actions and motions in detail. the boomerang was moving from the north towards the south-east (downtown provo) at a high rate of speed. it was boomerang shaped with “handles” being thicker/rounder towards the ends. the leading edge going south was the main curve with the two ends pointed towards the north. in the image i provided the object was almost exactly like that in shape and color with the white line i added to draw a crude outline of the object,, with the leading edge being faintly yellow, as if reflecting light from the city. the rest barely being seen, nearly transparent looking without one uniform color it seems. 5. describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object. during i felt kind on conflicted, i wanted to look at and call over my fiance but the object was so faint and quickly moving that i was afraid i would lose sight of it and miss seeing it off. as i watched it slowly fade away towards the south i didn’t bother to yell out my fiance or family about my unexplained sighting immediately, i eventually caught up to my fiance and told her about it, she was interested yet skeptical as she didn’t see it. after arriving back at her parents house i did some quick googling for “boomerang shaped ufo’s” and found the image i provided (without the white line) from another site describing a similar sounding encounter in va. since then i’ve been writing up this report. 6. how did you lose sight of the object? as stated previously, it kind of faded away as it blended into the city lights and vanished. i looked for it for a few more seconds to see if it changed course or maybe if it was just a very dim spotlight swinging back and forth, but it never came.

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