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Jonesville, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 22. February 2018
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:00:30

I have observed many reports in my area. i am a demonologist, however its come to my attention certain things about myself being part of government testing growing up and for some reason i am being drawn to others similar to me. it seems like possibly someone is trying to activate us and its side effects are others are being set off like just a couple miles from me the man who shot up the white house lived. i have been researching this a lot lately but only in the last 24 hours have i started to see the effects. i personally have been dealing with going to sleep and waking up with open and doors that are emergency exits (fire escape) are being unlocked and baby gates left open after years of never doing that. there was also a report of something going on near by. one client i have is reporting seeing a ball of light white with red edges in jonesville. i have another client who has reported lights at another time and is writing a book about it and another client in the new york area reporting seeing bright ball of lights as well. these lights are in front of them. i personally experienced the balls of light which i chalked up as ball lightning for a long time. that happened in 2002 and there seems to be similarities to the others... like increased psychic abilities or in some cases none reported before but developed after. many are close in age and or being born in an area known for government testing and facilities. its a long story and i could type all day the years of these things for myself. i have personally seen 2 ufo's and 1 instance of seeing small grey shaped alien creatures when i was 12 and i am 41 now. the alien was invisible. regardless, i am sure something is going on we should be getting prepared for. i am hoping someone will contact me. i am friends with many on facebook who are part of your society but i recently was banned for 30 days and can't message them. please feel free to text me. i am screening phone calls right now.

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