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Humble, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Monday 02. September 2019
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 17:00:00

I went to take one of our dogs out at about 8:45pm and once again noticed a very bright brillant star in the sky. it was similar to the the first spherical overly bright star i saw with first sighting with three ufo's in july in our area near major airport. tonight i brought the dog back in and asked my husband to please come outside and look at the star to see if it was part of constellation or north star then remembered that that direction over airport is south to south west not north. the star stayed as bright as last one but this one was not long and spherical at all. the last three to four nights starting about 9pm until about 5am i have been seeing these unidentified craft flying about the height where clouds would be if there were any in the sky. tonight has been fully clear skies from south to south west and south east all the way around to the north directions except for one almost long cigarish shaped cloud that looked almost mushroomish with odd cap like area on top that was very much more solid and cloud like versus the bottom half portion being more dense much more like thick fog you can still see through. it was about the width of one or two airplanes if they sat side by side from wing tip to wing tip. it was over about 3-6 houses one street over and just hovered right at the area where clouds would form in the sky. it never moved, changed shape etc. when my husband and got back outside at 9:01pm i pointed out the star and and he started watching it then said that he saw a much dimmer and smaller light with what looked like very dense reddish lights. i did not see these because i was watching what i thought to be some type of drone come out of no where on the south west direction and fly toward the south east fairly quickly within just a few minutes 2-3 it was already across the sky. it disappeared a smaller plane took off from the airport and flew from south east to north east direction. immediately after the smaller plane or smaller private jet flew over maybe three houses down from ours my husband points out that the dimmer star w blinking lights i still can't see is moving pretty fast across the sky south west to south east then it disappears. i see another drone that seemed to come out of nowhere from the se and fly in a angle toward the north west. there was absolutely no sound to the 4 or 5 of these that we saw as we were both looking in different directions. right before the last one flew at an angle away from us there was a huge shooting star type effect in sky right over what would be the airport at a lower altitude. it was wider than most shooting stars that i have seen in the past. i cannot give you the exact width as the altitude was about the height of where the cloud coverage would start if there had been any. i'd say a few feet wide and when it exploded it looked like bright white christmas lights like more led lights more pure white light than yellowish and it had almost a rainfall effect with the areas that seemed to explode and it traveled down about several feet again over the area that would be the main area of the airport runway. once the rainfall effect of the shooting star like explosion was traveling down the whole thing just disappeared within seconds. immediately after my husband said he may have seen another of the much much dimmer crafts that we could not see on any of them fly quickly across from south east to south west again but immediately after the shooting star effect another much larger plane took off from the runway from south east direction to north to north west direction it was a much much bigger jet but no numbers or airline name or numbers could be made out. the whole instance tonight lasted only for about 17 and a half minutes. then the skies became clear again and i did not hear another airplane take off until after we had been in the house for about another 10-25 minutes and then a much larger plane flew from south east going diagonal toward the north west direction. it was very low enough to seemingly rattle our home as it flew over which happens a lot. we could not see the body areas of these ufo's like i did with the original first three i saw on july 8th, 2019. i have not seen these before until starting around august 24th or 25th, 2019. i mentioned the first couple to my husband and mentioned they were probably drones from an amazon warehouse nearby. i believed that until tonight when we've seen more of them and again they make no sound at all and these seem to move even faster than the first two black triangular shaped craft i reported on july 8th, 2019. these are much quicker but they are harder to identify and seem almost star like on purpose so they are not as noticeable to anyone looking up in the sky. i also reported unusual activity with an helicopter recently to one of the investigators with mufon that i was assigned with the first case. i sent an email of seeing and hearing a helicopter that kept flying extremely low over an area of our subdivision areas very late one night until about 1:45-3am it was loud enough that inside the echo from the propelling engine echoed louder than when you are outside. there were lights on most sides and underneath and there was some type of dome like equipment mounted to the underside of the helicopter but all i could make it was that it was black and not shiny. the dome was on the side sticking out of an area that seemed almost cylinder shaped and maybe a few feet long by a few feet around almost a barrel type shape but a bit taller and thinner. i did not see any weapons of any kind but there were extremely bright lights that were mounted i think to the very front under the bottom of the helicopter and one back toward the end that when they pointed it toward the area of south west to north east about 1/2 mile or less at times to 1 mile away it lit up the whole area that the lights were being shined on. it had no markings for police departments in our area that i could tell. it looked more grayish black and it kept to seem flying in the same pattern area almost as if looking for something. it became very noticeable and shortly after the sightings there was a very loud boom noise but i could not identify the direction that it came from. estimation would be from south east to south west but i cannot be sure on this as the boom sounded like it came from every direction. it was not gun fire or airplane noise. i do not know what this was. as there were no physical sightings of the actual unidentified craft flying around there is no drawings or photos available due to all this happening so fast much like last time on july 8th 2019. once again i simply want to know what is going on at or near the major airport we live so close to to make sure none of the chemicals are harmful to my family, myself or our pets. the pattern of the lights blinking were much like the patterns of the first set of unidentified crafts but these are much smaller and seem much quicker to fly faster across the sky. i've noticed they rarely fly in the day time and i've never seen whatever these are in the day time. i have only been able to make out one of these and it was only of the maybe half portion of what looks like some type of metallic legs i saw at least two but estimate it had three or four. it seemed made of hard metal that was a dark blackish color and a bit shiny almost shiny mental. this is why i say they seem almost drone shaped and looking. i can be contacted if you have any questions. any assistance you can give me on what these are or may be and if there is any health risks to family or myself would be most appreciated. please note that these photos are not mine but they are the closest thing i can compare to what we saw tonight. as i did not take photos and sketching these for me isn't possible for exactly what i saw. thank you


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