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Scullin, Australian Capital Territory (Australia)

Sighted on Thursday 30. January 2020
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Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 00:07:20

Went outside into the backyard at 5am to enjoy the coolness of the morning. we have been experiencing summer heat of 30 - 40â°c. ( 86-104â°f). i was looking to the east and south-east watching the suns glow of the night sky increase just before daybreak when i noticed what seemed to me at first was a satellite, but as i watched it approach from the south heading due north and just off to the east of me i realized it was getting bigger. i made out two distinct lights facing forward but they were not parallel to each other, as if they were mounted diagonally on a curved nose, the beams of light they were emitting seemed to only extend about 25 - 30 meters ( 75 - 100 feet) which were reflecting now and then off the morning haze which was rising as it went through it. as it got closer i saw a distinct oval shape to the front of it and the two lights at the front were more visible with the beams extending outwards and away from each other and slightly downward. it was at this point that it had almost reached due east of me when it started to turn to the east and i was able to see, what i assumed was the side of it. it was long, cylindrical, silver/grey in color and had a row of larger lights then the front ones running the length of the cylinder. i counted 9 lights on the side and watched it head due east towards the horizon holding that position. that's when i had the thought, planes don't fly sideways, grab your camera. i watched it as i ran inside and thought i would have enough time to get some video of it as it was gliding slowly away but when i got the camera up and tried to locate it in the finder and zoom in on it, it had got to the point where the lights down the side were blending into one as i could still see it with the naked eye but the camera was showing little more than a star in the sky. i must add that when it turned east, it's full length was silhuetted beautifully against the morning glow before sunrise. it was huge, silvery/grey, no wings, no tail, no flashing lights, no sound, closest distance from me around 5km ( 3 miles ), elevation around 3,000 meters ( 10,000 feet ). from that point it proceeded gradually due east and out of site. i got the impression that it knew i was watching and diverted directly away from my location. immediately after the sighting i went online to see if anyone else had reported it and then i remembered mufon takes reports of these sort of things and proceeded to do this report. i'm still shaken by the experience, as it's a first for me to see such a thing for myself, i have seen videos on tv and internet about such things and i remember a witness saying they used to scoff at people who claimed to have seen them until he saw one for himself, now his attitude is - the debates over once you see one for yourself. i'm still trying to make sense of what i saw and why and how and all that sort of stuff, trying to rationalize it to my known reality. the whole encounter lasted 7.5 minutes.

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