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Sonora, California (United States)

Sighted on Friday 15. November 2019
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:02:19

7:09pm 11/15/2019 while car camping at 8500ft elevation on the east side of sierra nv mountains of sonora pass ca highway 108 i spotted 2 starlike orb spheres way up in the sky, they must have been 40k feet up. 1st one i saw was moving from s to n. the 2nd one was also moving from s to n just at a slight angle heading towards nnw about 1 minute behind 1st starlike orb sphere. i flashed the 1st one with my powerful flashlight, then started to record with my ip6 hoping i could capture something. filmed for 2:19 then got back in my car & reviewed vid. i was so scarred to find out that my iphone 6 video recording was hacked/interrupted by this alien entity. the video is completely black & all that remains is the audio that this 2nd starlike orb sphere installed into my phone while i was trying to record them!? it sounds like a beast of unknown origin with a very deep growl. maybe that's how these alien entities talk? maybe there's hidden audio within that we cannot hear, would be worth a digital forensic analysis. i did not hear these unknown sounds in my video while i was recording. this scarred the heck out of me as i was by myself car camping. i was so freaked out by this that i deleted this file & left the area, but luckily had recovered from icloud backup. i've had dozens of experiences with seeing these starlike orb spheres in the sierra nv triangle since my 1st sighting back in 2018. vid attached.

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