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Oceanside, California (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 04. March 2020
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:30:00

Lived one street up from ocean.Walked to beach at 12 am to sit on rocks and ocean/sky watch. began seeing light that appeared to be coming up over horizon to the south. had no idea what was illuminating horizon, seemed like sunrise but couldnt be at 12am? very curiously i stood and watched a huge craft with giant solar panels, which were lit up, come over horizon and silently move to almost directly above me, approx 300ft above me. i could see every detail of craft clearly. i had no idea what kind of craft i was seeing. i had never seen any photos/video of iss, but saw a little bit of movie, "gravity}, and thought it may resemble craft on gravity movie. it was huge, maybe 2 football fields wide. looked like metal compartments or pods connected together but no cockpit . it had huge solar panels that were like blades and were lit up with very bright amber circular lights. it silently hovered above me. i then noticed around 10 indigo blue big orbs lined up in a row directly below craft. then one of the blue orbs shot out away from craft and in a fraction of a second, was directly above me maybe 50-100 ft. the blue orb then beamed a blue beam of light straight down over my body. i was so overwhelmed with fear that i just closed my eyes and started praying for god's protection and for guardian angels to surround and protect me. i opened my eyes just as the beam of light retracted back to the orb, then the blue orb zipped back to the row of other orbs under craft. then 1/2 of orbs zipped off in south direction and the other 1/2 orbs zipped off in northern direction and then out of view. the craft was still above me, however. i desperately looked around to see if anyone was outside or within area so to witness what i was seeing but no one was around, not even a light on in homes nearby. so i decided to run home and try and wake up my husband and/or my son, max, to go back down to beach with me to witness this craft. both of them refused so i grabbed my husbands flip top phone(with camera), and ran back down to beach to try and photograph but it was gone! i stayed on beach for a few more minutes waiting to see if it returned but it didnt. then a few seconds later, i witnessed different colored light orbs flying just above ocean water right in front of me maybe 20-30 ft in front of me. they were almost putting on a show or dance over water, skimming down into water at times very gracefully and in patterns with the other orbs. desperate to have another person see this, i ran back home and drug my son, max, 21 at time, out of bed and down to beach in hopes he would see orbs. lo and behold, they were still ther, and my son witnessed them with me. so, next morning, i googled gravity movie to see what craft was portrayed and learned it was the iss/ i then googled iss and lo and behold, there it was, or atleast something that looked just like craft i saw. . but as i researched iss, i read that the iss couldnt 'fly/orbit' earth at the very low low level that i was observing it at beach?!? so i called local police dept. and camp pendleton military base to report what i saw only to be told that this was not possible, as far as they knew, because iss couldnt fly that low but documented my report anyway. they gave me possible explanations such as weather balloon, swamp gas, etc. but nothing that made logical sense to me. so, wanting answers to what i saw and getting none, i called police and base again and told them i had video and pics of sighting only because i know what i saw, 100% sure, and no one was believing me or taking me seriously. that's when all hell broke loose and began drastically affecting our life and privacy. witjhout disclosing too much, our phone rang off the hook with calls from police chief, our military base along with military bases all over the world. everyone wanted me to turn over my video/pics/evidence to them immediately. i got scared and made a report to police that i destroyed all video/pics and never showed them to anyone. calls never ceased, and we began getting stalked, drones and white airplanes with cameras hanging from bottom every day, even when leaving home and going to other destinations, non-stop. we finally had to change our phone numbers, stop using internet and ultimately move. i would so desire taking a polygraph/;ie detector test and/or any other methods/tests to prove i, telling truth and i saw what i saw and it changed my life forever.

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