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Ogden, Utah (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 28. April 2020
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:00:00

I was witness to 3 distinct and separate anomalies all with in about a 15 minute span. i do not have explanations for them, i do not claim they are extraterrestrial, man made or of natural phenomena. i also no not whether the 3 are connected. i will submit all three in separate reports. also note there are 3 close airports. furthest is a international airport. it is about 60 miles away. but traffic for that does not get thst low in my area, also flight patterns are west. anything comeing from the east is still high altitude. it has to clear the mountain range before it can drop. second is an air force base. jets taking off leave 5 miles south of me and divert west. landing is closer but they circle higher then the objects were. and f-35s are loud and noticeable. closest is a municipalple airport but plans approach at higher altitudes then the objects were amd again are loud and identifiable on a strait trajectories. sighting one i had just arrived at work which is in a light industrial part of town, there are not a lot of big buildings, or excess light pollution. it was 5:15am and still dark out. i normally get to work early and will either read, nap a bit, or look at the stars and see if i can spot any visible planets or unique things in the sky. we had a meteor shower the previous week so i was looking to see if i could still be lucky to witness one today. i was looking ahead of me towards a big gravel parking lot that is used for truck storage for a trucking company. they have a big commercial spot light they run in the morning as they warm the truck up. i was looking just above the light at another small light trying to decide if it was a star or something on the mountain way in the distance. what caught me was the sudden funny move the light made and then disappeared. i thought to my self it would be funny if it was a ufo because the government had just declassified and released videos a day prior of ufos. the light then returned a moment later but was dimmer and hovering lower. then i noted several others. first thought was they were just bugs around the spot light. shortly after one made another rather odd movment that caught my attention and i began to realize that i wasn't seeking the normal amount of bugs you would expect to see, and i was at some distance from the light. so if what i was seeing were infact bugs they were rather large bugs. i looked at the lights on our buildings and noted very few insects. next logic thing was perhaps bats eating bugs. i watched and became aware that at times the objects seemed at a distance and i was seeing them give off a light through the spot light. other times it seemed as if they were right there at the light. i rolled down my windows to look at them better and try and determine actual distance from me. nothing about the way they moved made sense in comparison to bugs or bats. at times they would move slow and hover, other times zip in and out zig zig etc. light and showed on them didn't always line up as you wpuld expect with the spot light. often they almost seem to glow. both being close to the light and at a distance from it. i watched for 10 minutes or so. i still was not able to determine if they were actually at the light of at a greater distance from it. my video only picked upcthe glare of the spot light and not the objects. will try and verify it and or debunk more on another day.

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