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Eustace Texas

Sighted on Thursday 15. October 2020
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Shape: One very large cigar shape and two smaller lemon/ football shape | Duration: Two days in a row for my entire morning commute

My co worker and I were on our morning commute to the new construction sight of the eustace high school located in Eustace, Texas. We were headed east on 334 toward highway 175. I looked into the sky to the east which was almost directly in front of us and I noticed three very large and very defined objects in the sky. It stuck me as very odd considering these objects were so high in the sky and yet we’re not in motion. The largest object was a long thin pointy cigar shape and it was accompanied by two small lemon or foot ball shaped objects that were just below it to the left. Where we were driving on 334 was roughly four or five miles from our destination in the city of Eustace. We both watched these objects for our entire commute. They got brighter as we changed direction slightly and entered onto highway 175 east. These objects looked to be refractive in nature either by some sort of cloaking system or perhaps just highly polished metal. The very next day we witnessed these same objects almost in the exact same formation as the previous morning at the same time which was roughly 6:45 am. This time when we banked to take the oncoming ramp to enter highway 175 when the objects began to increase in visibility and brightness they began to fade rapidly shortly after we entered the highway. The objects vanished in less than two minutes after we entered the highway. I’ve looked several times on the internet to see if there were any other eye witness reports of these phenomena and have been unsuccessful.

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DeSoto, Texas (United States) 2017-02-08 Circle 00:10:00
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Dallas, Texas (United States) 2017-01-29 Disc 00:00:01
Mesquite, Texas (United States) 2017-01-26 N, A 00:59:00
Lake Fork, Texas, United States 2016-12-31 Eye shape 1-2 minutes
Garland, TX 2016-12-22 Light 20 minutes
Richardson, TX 2016-12-19 Triangle <1 minute
Dallas, Texas (United States) 2016-12-05 Square, Rectangular 00:02:00
Dallas, Texas (United States) 2016-11-19 N, A 00:00:44
Red Oak, Texas (United States) 2016-11-08 Triangular Less than a minute
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Murphy, TX 2016-10-02 Rectangle 1 minute
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Winnsboro, Texas (United States) 2016-07-26 Other 02:00:00
Kaufman, Texas (United States) 2016-07-19 Oval 00:02:00
Alma, Texas (United States) 2016-06-29 Other Undisclosed
Garland, TX 2016-06-26 Sphere 2 minutes
Alba, Texas (United States) 2016-06-13 N, A Undisclosed
Lancaster, Texas (United States) 2016-06-08 Triangle Undisclosed
Dallas, Texas (United States) 2016-05-29 Fireball Undisclosed
Buffalo, TX (United States) 2016-04-02 Male approximately 6 ft tall 30 seconds