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88km South East Port Hedland

Sighted on Saturday 05. February 2022
Reported on
Shape: Multiple round lights | Duration: 30 minutes

I was driving a train back to Port when I looked out and saw two large lights close to each other above and below, roughly 1km altitude at the start but eventually got a lot higher, the colour wasn’t star white but slightly yellowish white. They were alternating fading in and out. From the top light smaller lights splitting off and darting off across sky with effortless speed and right angle turns. And also splitting off from upper bright light then joining lower bright light. My camera was unable to pick up the tiny lights splitting off but could see clearly with my eyes. I filmed it for a while describing what I can see. In the area the lights were I noticed the sky being a slightly lighter darkness and texture. Reviewing the footage I narrate it as like a hole in the sky around the UAP.

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