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Lumberton, Tx

Sighted on Sunday 22. May 2022
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Shape: Orb | Duration: Over an hour

We watch every night from our balcony, while smoking. We had a close up encounter about a 3 weeks ago with plain eyesight. As we walked out the door we witnessed something (with no lighting and absolutely no sound) zoom by- above the tree line/roof of the apartment complex we live in. All we could say was WTF. I wanted to run in to grab a phone but I wouldn’t have been able to catch it on time because it happened in less than 30 seconds. It has freaked us a little, so we started researching and watching documentaries. My mom has always told me she believes and I thought she was just kidding around all these years. We discovered my mother might have been abducted (vivid dreams for years). We think she was taken for an alien implant (scar on upper inside of the left leg). She had no knowledge of implant activity but was intrigued and told me a half circle appears randomly on her lower stomach. I wasn’t too concerned of it because I didn’t see anything unusual under the skin. However I told her the implants are usually located on the leg somewhere from videos/documentaries we’ve watched. She said I have this spot on my upper left leg, there’s a scar there but nothings ever happened to me in that area and there’s a knot under the skin. With anyone else, I would’ve said-go get checked out by the doctor, but since it’s my mom we were both comfortable with me looking at it and sure enough there’s a hard lump under the skin with a small incision scar. Just for shits and giggles, I took a small magnet to see if it would stay in place and was speechless when it did stay in place. This is not just a spot where a magnet would stick-while she’s laying down, this is on the inside of her upper thigh-where a magnet should slide right down the skin. I had to walk away because I was really freaked out in the moment. I came back after gathering my thoughts and I said OK let me check the other leg and see if it does the same thing. Sure enough it slid right down her leg-like I thought should’ve happened the first time. I told her if I were her I would check into that and see if it’s a piece of metal, if it is metal to see if it’s radioactive. She is too scared that people will call her crazy so for the time being it is still there in her leg. Within a week after checking the spot on my mom‘s leg she had a weird experience. She called me one morning freaked out saying something happened to me this morning. I said are you OK she said I don’t know. I woke up really early and I go back to sleep after I use the restroom. Usually I can fall right back asleep this time but while laying there, I felt as if I couldn’t move. She saw this cloud of lightning appear over her body. She said was frozen in the moment-without any speech or body movement. Just as soon as the cloud left she could move again. It wasn’t no sooner than another week or so, we went out at about 9:15ish PM (sunset already passed and city lights here aren’t visible in the sky at night) but this night there was greenish blue-squared off-light beeping up from the ground. We went in to find our phones and when we came back out the light was gone and the sky was black again. Curious to know what it could have been in the thick woods out here, my husband, my mother, and I crossed down and up a 10 foot ditch and saw burnt trees on each side of this trail (from left to right-looking from our balcony) the trees on the left side are burnt at the bottom, and then it slowly goes up the trees in the middle are burnt almost all the way from bottom to top, but the trees on the very end right hand side are burnt just at the top of the trees. In between the burned up area -there’s broken trees snapped in half-to where it’s too high up for a human to snap or even use an ax. My brother was a Texas park ranger here in this city for over 20 years and said they have never done a controlled burning here, as well as-no forest fires, explosions, etc here in this area. He doesn’t have an explanation how they got burned, but he’s not a believer in aliens either. My husband and I want to know more so we purchased a device with night vision and IR. We watch while orbs speed across the sky. It happens almost nightly now, we see or have some other alien activity, or unexplained weird sightings. My husband was in the Navy for eight years and worked on a flight carrier ship. He knows what military crafts look like. These are unexplained.

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Jasper, Texas (United States) 2015-10-15 Cylinder 00:00:05
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Atascocita, TX 2014-08-24 Circle 2 minutes
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