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Cattle creek, NSW

Sighted on Sunday 05. February 2023
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Shape: Balls of light | Duration: hours

I couldnt see the shape of these things. there were several, maybe up to 10. they drifted from the west heading east at first, and then more to the south after an hour or 2. they flew close to the top of the mountains constantly moving around in circular patterns mostly, and some would go up and down. there was one in particular that caught my eye first. ir kept randomly lighting up really bright, blue/white light, but would only ever stay bright for about 5 seconds and then fade out to almost nothing. Still visible, but hard to see. I could see them all a lot better with my binoculars. this went on from around 2am until i dragged myself away at around 330am, and they were drifting their way slowly towards the direction of musswellbrook, or possibly even Merriwa and were constantly flying smoothly around in large circles mostly, smooth and steady. no sound at all, they were totally silent from my position.

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