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moranbah qld

Sighted on Monday 12. December 2022
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Shape: white balls then triangle shape with light blue blurry lights | Duration: felt like awhile was not sure what time it was before it happened

hello i am a kid from moranbah, saw and might have been taken, i was coming up from my room at 2 am in the morning sat on the stairs 90% of the way up and went to pat my dog looked to my left and saw these balls around 9 falling from the sky very high up fast, I look back at my dog it felt like i blacked out, I recall opening my eyes and have moved 2 meters away from where i was sitting at the time, in shock with pins and needles all in my head looking up in a stnadning somehow i see these circles in a triangle formation light blue blurry, making a light humming noise it was 30 meters away from me or lower i could make out it was and object not just a light from inside the circle on and around the sides, the clouds where very low that night so not sure how far but was low enought to see, i recall i couldn't move and felt very confused, i then suddenly realised Holy Fuck, and run inside to tell my parents my mum came outside but very slowly it was very early in the morning btw, just as she came out it flew off north west with a white trail faster then anything ive ever seen. other then that i remeber when i was 9 to 12 being visted while i was sleeping acouple times maybe being taken and having friends that talked in my head, but terrified and anuncios t i dont remeber much from back then.

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