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South Australia

Sighted on Friday 17. February 2023
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Shape: light star like | Duration: 1 minute

single bright light like that of a satellite/ international space station appeared out of nowhere amongst other stars and moved across sky for 5 seconds then stopped. immediately another appeared from the same spot the first had appeared, like it had entered either the galaxy or atmosphere it was like it came forward on its arrival then immediately followed the sideways path the first took at this exact moment the first moved at same speed and exact path, when the second got to the point where fist had stopped another appeared at the others entry point and followed the second, this kept repeating at about the fourth I started counting and counted 13 total, the distance between the lights was visually uniform in both the flight path timing of appearance and speed. I could not follow the path as the sky was heavily low clouded as is normal before sunrise in this area to the point that there was only this football field sized portion of space visible hence why i was looking at this area. It was 5.15 am Adelaide time and I was lying on a trampoline looking up at a 60 degree angle to the West, the objects moved South. There was no sound of any Air craft and no Wind. And the appearance was that these lights were in space not in the sky.

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