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Tantanoola, South Australia

Sighted on Saturday 17. July 2021
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Shape: Orbs | Duration: 30 minutes

Was travelling westward from Mount Gambier along the Princes Highway. It was early evening, dark, partly cloudy. Traffic was nearly non-existent. Shortly after leaving Mount Gambier, I noticed two white lights approach swiftly from behind, one dimmer than the other. At first I assumed them to be the headlights of a car but, despite following me closely, the lights were too far apart to be a car and would have straddled about 60% of the entire road. While it was dark and with no streetlights or other illumination, I couldn't see any evidence of a physical vehicle between the lights. There was no noise at all. At one point, the lights dropped away and disappeared but then, came up quickly behind me again, this time with the lights switched (with the dimmer light on the other side). Oddly, despite the oddness, I wasn't afraid. Instead I was more curious. At the corner of the Princes Highway and Agricultural Bureau Rd, the lights disappeared once again as a car came up behind me and I pulled over to let it pass. But within minutes, the lights moved up swiftly behind me once again. Approaching the intersection of Agricultural Bureau Rd and Mount Burr Rd with the lights still behind me, a truck was approaching me from the west. Immediately after passing me, it flicked it's beam headlights back on. There was absolutely nothing behind me and even the lights had disappeared. However, as soon as the truck was a few hundred metres down the road, another light suddenly seemed to "switch on" , this one much brighter than the other two and this time in the sky, approaching from my right side and at low altitude. At this point, I woke my sleeping partner on the passenger side, a few other vehicles were also nearby, the light disappeared and the experience was essentially over. I have an extensive background in Science and am not given to flights of fancy. I know of no phenomenon, or combination of phenomena, that could account for the experience that night. I addition to the above, there was a very odd time anomaly. A section of the road after the Tantanoola petrol station where the pine forests are tallest adjacent to the Princes Highway, takes only a few minutes to traverse by car. That night, this section of road, travelling through the dark forest with the lights close behind me, seemed to take the better part of half an hour. I have no explanation for this.

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