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Sighted on Sunday 09. April 2023
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Shape: orb/sphere | Duration: 1-2 min

I'm 56 and a HS teacher. I saw an orb this year (2023), just a few months ago. I have always been a believer in UFO's and life outside of Earth. I was actually watching videos at my computer, at home, reading about the Chinese Balloon and objects over Alaska and the Great Lakes. The strange thing is, I was going through some life issues, I was stressed, depressed and losing faith in everything. After about 30 min of reading different news stories and watching videos, I had had enough of the UFO articles or any hope of ever seeing one. I said in my mind first and then out loud, ""God, why can't I ever see anything? Why Can't I see a sign? Something, anything, anywhere? I was really frustrated at this point and I believe I had given up on many things. I took my headphones off and just tossed them on the desk. I immediately go outside, on a cloudless day, but a very solid blue, hazy HOT day. I sit in my garage in my camping chair looking out towards my driveway and up the street, I look up and immediately notice an object, stationary at first, just above a tree about 300m away. It starts moving towards me - veering slightly to my right, tree top level. It was round and brown to very dark in colour. I did not have my phone with me, I did not yell for my kids or family - this was mid day. The orb was maybe 2-4 metres in diameter, when it was perpendicular to me 40-50 metres away, directly to my right at this point, above the trees, the sun seemed to shine on it for 2-4 seconds - OR it lit up on its own. The front half seemed to light up, not all at once but small sections at a time. I live in town (Taree, (pop 20,000 +) NSW Aust), no one was out, no cars, no one. I'm not kidding, time seemed to freeze for the entirety I was seeing this orb. I was focused purely on this UAP/Sign. It was very silvery/metallic looking when perpendicular to me and lit up. Not smooth though. It had lines and other features like it was built/a craft of some kind. It then went dark and flew consistently low and and over my neighbours houses - their backyards. I got a great look. I guess it was moving 15-20kph or slower.

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