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Armidale NSW Australia

Sighted on Tuesday 21. May 2024
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Shape: Triangular | Duration: Around 15 seconds

At 6:30pm on Tuesday the 21 May 2024 I was walking between my house and my garage, as I waited for my dog who was coming behind me, I was looking to the East at the sky above the tennis courts across the road, the lights of the courts were on, something caught my eye around 50 meters or so above the courts. At first I thought it was 3 birds wheeling into the light but as I watched a triangular wing shape solidified, I instantly thought that it was made of glass because the light from the courts passed through it but was also reflected by it. It maintained its altitude and began to move to the South West, slowly at first but it picked up speed in a very smooth fashion, I remember being a bit shocked at how fast it was moving when it disappeared behind trees to my right. It looked like it was made of glass but also it was absolutely silent, it moved in a dead straight line and it gained speed in an exponential way I think it somehow materialised or arrived at that spot and then moved away because I did not see it approach and it was almost stationary when I first saw it I don’t know what it was but it looked like a glass triangular hang glider I am still amazed

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