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Glens Falls, NY

Sighted on Thursday 15. June 1967
Reported on
Shape: Teardrop | Duration: 15:00

Passed over our backyardI was about 9 or 10 years old, year was about 66, or 67. I was playing in our back yard, and walk around our detached garage, toward the back yard, when I noticed to the left and up just over the trees and next door back yard a craft slowly moving towards our back yard from left to right direction taking it directly over the tree line in our yard , but in plain sight to me . I called for my mother who was just inside our house in the kitchen, and she came outside, I ran to to back our our yard in excitment looking up, my mother ran to me , and the craft passed slowly over our heads at a very slow speed, My recall, being young is that it was grey on the bottom, flat, no sound, was maybe 100 ft long, 50 ft wide, My mother to this date remembers the same though she recalls lights, and a low humming noise, as it left our yard crossing over to the next yard , that leads to a crossing of a street, that brings it over my school yard, I remember it seemed to be there , then gone , then there, but maybe 50 ft futher away, at this time it was directly over a large tree, in the middle of the large open school yard, at this time, wanting to see more I ran to my bike at the back of our house to pursue the craft, my mother was yelling for me to come back, caught in the moment , I preceded to ride my bike down around the corner to the school yard to see more, as I aprouched the scool yard , I could see two young friends that lived 4 houses behind ours riding thier bikes along the backside near trees of the schoolyard chasing what apeared to be the same thing, we met up at the top of a small hill near a tree line that leads to waht is called crandal park, we jumped off our bike ,still seeing this object still in viewover the tree line. we ran in under the trees and then it was gone. I went home and told my mother we should tell someone , but she was reluctant to do so, Later about 2 hours later my mother told me she heard on the radio ,that a women in south glens falls had reported seeing a similar object cross over her! car, and her electric system shut down her car, My mother and I have shared this with our family, and at times through the years ,we discuss it, I have always wished thier was away that I could go back and relive it so I could get a better sense of what we saw, I was young and find it a little cloudy, to remember al the detail, this is the first time I have written to anyone concerening this, but if you find it helpful then it is worth my time, Thanks,

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