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Rock Lake, New York (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 28. August 2016
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Shape: Identical to stars, orb? | Duration: 20-30 minutes

Was camping at Rock Lake at the campsite where the water launch is located. I was cooking a meal and had been noting the brighter stars in the sky. I could discern three or four stars that looked especially bright. Believing they were stars I carried on with my meal and they remained in the sky. After eating (about 15 minutes) I began stargazing and once again paid a lot of attention to the brighter stars. After 10 minutes of staring, one of the brighter 'stars' that had been idle began to move. Amazed, I watched as it began to zigzag around in the sky. Changed directional paths at angles as low as 22 degrees. After about 1-2 minutes of it zigzagging, it slowed its pace and the light grew dimmer and dimmer until finally disappearing. Obviously we do not have aircraft that can perform these maneuvers or ability to hover, silently. Even aside from that, the dimming of the light would indicate that it was travelling UP and OUT. The planes in this area all can be followed to the horizon before disappearing behind treelines. This disappeared in the middle of the sky. It would not be a drone, a pilot would slowly dim it's light out with it not being anywhere near enough to land. After the first one I noticed another zigzagging star, less bright, I was not able to follow it's full path because I got spooked by an animal and decided to go huddle in my tent. The following night, I convinced my partner, who was sleeping the first night, to watch for UFOs. To our amazement, the same exact events occurred as the first night. We have experienced other strange phenomena in this area that we cannot debunk and because of these sightings I wouldn't find it shocking for it all to be extra terrestrial in nature. Also, dates not accurate, these events were within that week though.

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