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Munich, Bayern (Germany)

Sighted on Saturday 06. June 2009
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Shape: Circle, Cross, Fireball, Saturn-like, Square, Rectagular, Star-like, Teardrop, Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

first my friends i have 3 storys and i had 6 videos but when the ufos fly away my videos was delteted. im ervin 17 from munich email [email protected] and i saw things and really think they aliens want catch me so 1 start with firts story and sorry for my english. so i start with first story1. storyi was outside with my sister at 11 pm and we was looking the bloodmoon at this day and a 6 red lights come over me and still stand in the sky and my feelings was adrenalin and scared but was unbelivable and i look at my feets and back in sky and nothing more there just the moon and i went home.after that was a attack on police overall police because someone robbed a bank i looked out the window and was maybe 40 police and a helicopter my friend come home i said look ou the window and again 12 lights in a formation in the sky no loud no move so my friend and me starts a video and at the video the lights moved so fats in every side and changing her color to red blue green silver gold black white and wihout the video they just stil stand maybe they was so fast and the helicopter from police saw it tho and fly higher and scared and fly away and my handy had problems and the light fly fats away next day i want saw the video i maked one with 6 minuts and one with 14 seconds the 6 minuts was deleted from alone and the 14 seconds i try to look and my handy freeze and i had to buyed new one my friend sent me his video i put in in myvideo.de but all write fake but wasnt and myvideo deletet is because they thinks was fake that was the firts story.2. second storyit was 3 days before halloween i dont know it was a ufo or anything other paranormal we wnet home from a party and wasnt drunked or high so we goes in the park to home in the park was 23.59 pm because we looked at the sky to the clouds i dont know why and the sky was dark we haad lightmoon and white clouds so at 00.00pm/am we saw a deathly skull fly over us we saw it together and dont make a photo because was was so fuckign scared and all lights in the park going off and ths skull cloud was so big and perfect and we run out the park we came back in and the lights was on and no clouds more in sky that was second story.3th story. it was horribleone night i went sleep at 1.20 am and woke up in 3.23 am and was waker that never so was awake and my windows was open i dont know why and i just sit in my bed when a big white light comes before my window and the white light was so strong like in a ceinema all was white and i dont know why i stand up and wnet to the light because its was so warm and i want to go there and when i was before i feeled so good and try to touch this light and i wnet up and look out my room i saw my shadow and then i saw other shadow behind me i was scared to look behind me and look in my wlal with the shadow it was 1 meter guy with a big head and on teh shadow he put his hand higher on ym arm when i saw he touch me in shadow he touhed my arm with an icecold finger i moved me up and saw just big black eyes i riun out the room in the toilet and hide me 2 hours then i went back in room and windows was closed and the light was like exploding before the window and fly so fats away and i just saw a big star in the sky and he moved away since this night i ha dproblem to sleep so that was my 3 storys i have no videos or photos all be deltet i dont know why people think ufos or aliens doesnt exist but we cant be alone in this universe and stealhtbombers at 2010 are only easy to make with ufo technologie like rosweel so bye all u saw my email on first on the text if u wnat email me do them bye all i hope alle poeples will see one day the truth ...

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