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Donauwörth, Bayern (Germany)

Sighted on Monday 25. September 2017
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 04:00:00

Following report 86914 by some videos is very important to fade the images, and look after small flashes in the picture. i wanna only give the hole video stuff. just if get feedback make my happy. in a video where you see this small object then i run to the garage, and looked for a dustbin to get a firm stand with my i phone. at the same time, r go to the garage with my mobile phone in my hand and by mistake the camera run and she filmed everything but from behind me. i talk from the video with the length 2:04, this video is in report 86914. this shit began after i made a speed camera from the object. in file 2 lift up a small creature make the same flight like this small thing where i filmed mistake at video time 1:40 min. in file 3 you listen footsteps from a small creature on the roof by time 0:39 and 2:13 film length. in file 4 you see this small object by video length 2:13 again, you have to fade the film. in file 5 fade the film and you see flashes nearly by me and observed me. i got no idea when i filmed this after watch this stuff. i hope is interesting for your guy s ! thank's bye

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