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Halifax, VA

Sighted on Tuesday 16. June 2015
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 7 hours

Yellow light balls darting to ground from larger yellow balls of light changing position in sky until large one darted up disappearing.On June 16, 2015, flashing round yellow lights were observed high up in eastern sky which were much too big and too close to be stars, and were first seen at 10pm that disappeared quickly at 5am when the large one that was higher up than the others quickly brightened to a glowing orange increasing in size about 4-5 times larger and instantly darted straight up disappearing with no sound. During the time from 10pm until 5am many round yellow lights, that were smaller than the big light, which had been changing positions quickly then disappeared quietly after the larger one left.During the entire seven hours yellow balls of light would shoot down to the ground continuously from the round yellow balls of light in the sky, one ball of yellow light came quietly from one yellow ball of light in the sky rotating first one and then the next one never coming down more than one at a time. Each time these lights came to the ground it looked look as if giant fire flies about 2” in diameter were coming down but they never flickered as the light was steady. When the light reached a tree, a building or the ground there was no longer a light. The lights came in the same pattern each time, a light to the distant trees on the left, a light to the distant trees on the right, a light to the distant trees in the center, then a light to the nearby trees on the left, a light to the nearby trees on the right, then the rotation started over.When the large light brightened to orange and darted up after which the yellow balls of light disappeared, the yellow balls of light were observed in the northern sky sending yellow balls of light to the ground in a similar pattern seen over another housing property. When daylight occurred on June 17, 2015, the yellow lights were no longer visible.((NUFORC Note: Witness describes self as an academician. PD((ADDENDUM FROM WITNESS))Dear Peter,Need to delete a section from submitted information previously. Someone saw the lights in the trees seemingly showering from the sky which were thought to be giant tropical fire flies blown northward from the tropics by TropicalStorm Bill now in Texas on a northeast bound path. The next night, June17, the giant fire flies were observed in the same wooded area but the yellow round lights in the sky did not reappear. My apologies for connecting the two unconnected observations. I found your web link yesterday when I google searched for strange lights in sky over Virginia.See below for revised submission.Thanks for your reply,((name deleted))((END ADDENDUM))

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