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Blythe/Desert Center (between), CA

Sighted on Thursday 30. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: Approx. 5 min.

Fireball and Circular lights appearing and disapearing over Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness Area, CAOn the night of 30 August 2012 at approximately 2130, my family and myself were driving west on Interstate 10. We were just past Blythe, CA and I noticed several lights in the sky south of the Interstate. The lights were very bright and at first I thought they were some type of flares because of the way they were illuminating. It looked as if a plane was dropping them but as I was looking at that set of lights I noticed a second set to the west of the first set that was in an inverted circular shape. I would say there were about six or seven of them. I didn’t notice if they were rotating or not as I was still driving and I only caught a glimpse of them, but they appeared to be still. I don’t believe a plane could have dropped flares to make that kind of formation. The first set of lights was very bright and white and orange in color. The circular set of lights was a bright white and lasted about five to ten seconds and then disappeared. The other set ! of lights that looked as if they were flares appeared multiple times. These were the first lights that I noticed because of the way they appeared but they didn’t really light up the sky and its surroundings like a flare would. Don’t get me wrong, they were very bright and noticeable but I don’t believe they acted as if a flare would. My wife grabbed the camera as quick as she could after I noticed the lights and she was able to start recording the lights. I pulled over as soon as I could and she handed me the camera since I had a better view. The spot that I pulled over was about two miles east of Copa Ditch which is just past exit 201. We later pulled off there after the lights disappeared to see if we could see anything else, but we didn’t see the lights again from that point. After doing some research of the area using Google Maps today, I would put the lights between Interstate 10 and Brawley, CA just over the Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness Area. I talked to th! e California Highway Patrol Dispatch in Indio, CA today and th! ey didn’ t know of any reports in that area that night. I also called the Dispatch Office in El Centro, CA and they also didn’t have any reports. They were a little short with me though as if they weren’t going to tell me even if they did have reports. The video that we took shows how the lights formed and then disappear but what was unique was the way they seemed to go in a downward circular motion as if it was following the ridge of a craft. I didn’t notice any navigational lights as aircraft would usually have at all in the sky until several miles down the road which I could clearly make out as a plane. After the lights disappeared and as we were heading to Exit 201 we noticed a Police car pulled over on the eastbound side of the Interstate with its lights on. It had another car in front of it and it looked like an unmarked Police car. The Officer appeared to be looking at the lights as well. After we pulled off at Exit 201 and didn’t see anything more, we then continued d! riving west on Interstate 10. As we came up to a sign with the name “Tex Wash” just like Copa Ditch I noticed three white lights in the sky between the ridges of the mountain. I saw the three lights and then two of them disappeared leaving one light. They looked to be in a triangular formation at first. Just as quick as they appeared they disappeared. I would say they lasted about three to five seconds. While driving home from California on Sunday the 2nd of September I noticed several towers in the area these three lights were so I am not certain that they were extraterrestrial in nature or not. I know this whole account seems a little odd but I have over twelve years in the service and I have never seen anything like this before. This was a very strange sighting. I kept referring to flares in the video but that was the only thing that I could compare it to. I do not believe they were flares, though. I hope someone else has a similar story or sighting, I know th! ere were a lot of people driving on that road at the same time! I was t hat night that must have seen this as well. It was very noticeable.

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