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Neah Bay, WA

Sighted on Saturday 25. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 1 minute

Orange Object in Eastern Skies of Makah Bay, Washington, Saturday August 25th 12am.Looking up towards the North East from Makah Bay I saw the Bright Orange Spherical object coming from the east, it was like it flickered into my field of vision, stopped traveling and appeared to elongate vertically or get bigger even. It got brighter after it stopped as well. The object had only traveled about a mile. It was about 2500-5000 feet in altitude and could have been up to 100 Feet in Diameter. We were on the beach with the Moon half full and to our South. The Moon was 15 degrees below the object if you directed a line counter clockwise to the objects horizon in the East. Me and three others were star gazing for the North Star and of course found the Big Dipper to the east over the Pacific Ocean, I could follow the Milky Way faintly, the cloud cover was from all directions and enclosed most of the skies horizons, faintly. As we all looked for what we found familiar and pointing them out to each other still looking for Ursa Minor, Saturn to the Wes! t because its large and bright over the Pacific Ocean, Above it and to the North was Ursa Major, I spotted Pegasus in the North. As I scanned for Orions' Belt, which was not found (I figured to the South West but between the moon and clouds I gave up to look clockwise around the sky) And that was when I saw the Object enter the frame I was looking in (North Easterly). I asked the rest to look and pointed. We stood in awe for the maybe one minute or so it was visible. Like I said it stopped after it appeared, grew bright and faded out without movement but seemed to grow long ways, I thought it would pop out a few or make a formation but it didn't. This is my first Sighting of any significance. I am Male 32 and a Machinist with two degrees, Manufacturing and Technical Engineering. The other two are acquaintances, Female stay at home mother of 3 and a father of 3 children unknown occupation. My Friend is female 27 Server Administrator for a Medical Office. The mother and fathe! r were her friends whom invited us to camp at the Beach in Mak! ah Bay, South West of Neah Bay on the Pacific Ocean. An interesting fact is on Bohokus Peak Just North of the sighting is a Radar Station. I looked after I could get a signal in town, I was curious to find it was not an Observatory or Light House like I had thought.

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