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Lakewood, WA

Sighted on Wednesday 26. September 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 3 minutes

Bright orange ball of light or orb seen flying at the tree lines for 3 minutesOn the evening of Sept 26th I sat on my front porch. I suddenly noticed across the street flying through my neighbors trees a beach ball sized orange ball of light or orb. It hovered & flew quietly in my direction and I could at times see through it and see what appeared to be flames. Then it would suddenly fill up with orange color and move on. This last approximately 3 minutes and I took 8 pictures unfortunately with my phones camera. My wife joined me for a few and observed it as it flew just at the tops of the tree lines. It was between 100-200 yards from me. It then shot off towards Ft. Lewis. Within minutes there were about half a dozen military helicopters hovering above my neighborhood with huge spot lights shining everywhere. After they left there was what appeared to be a fighter jet quietly and slowly circling above.The next day after work we noticed a half black, half white huge helicopter flying around the neighborhood very slowly. On the front/nose of it there was a huge camera lense. It was flying in patterns as though it might be charting or searching for something. I took pictures with my camera phone of it as well.

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