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Kalgoorlie Western Australia

Sighted on Wednesday 08. February 2023
Reported on
Shape: illuminated balls of light | Duration: 4 1/2 hours

First noticed them on the 8th February at 9:30pm they light up for about 2 to 5 seconds traveling most of the time from right to left, they seem to be traveling mostly in a circle or racetrack pattern going clockwise. I chased 3 of them along the highway where I got to about 500 meters from them an observed them thru binoculars. They then cut across the road at jubalee mine site an out to lake Lefroy at kambalda.I Have seen them every night since the 8th of February they start south of Kalgoorlie at about 9:30pm an end up south of Kambalda at 1am every night. there are probably about 12 flying about, I can see them with binoculars when there not lit up an they seem to be flying every which way but when there lit up they fly mainly right to left. I can see them at 25 kilometers when they are lit up, so they are very bright.when I saw them at 500 meters they looked very strange an the light was very odd an the object was about the size of a small car.I have not been able to get close to them again even if I try to cut them off between Kalgoorlie an Kambalda

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