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Jackson, MT

Sighted on Saturday 15. September 2012
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 5 seconds+

Spacecraft entering Earth’s atmosphere On September 15, 2012 at 9:35 PM, I witnessed an entry into Earth’s atmosphere of an unidentified spacecraft. After having re-visited the site a couple of months after, I have revised my original account some.A friend and I were camping in the upper Big Hole Valley, 20 miles west of Jackson, Montana. We were camped 1 mile upstream of Lower Minor Lake, 10 miles east of the Montana/Idaho border. It is a remote area. Visibility was unlimited. My account is:My friend had retired for the evening to his camper and it was probably a half hour after total darkness. I had been checking out the stars with my binoculars, I lowered them and was looking toward the North Star. An extremely bright yellow light, many times larger than the Space Station and a hundred times brighter, exploded in the sky. Out of this coalesced an oval, silvery, luminescent spacecraft. And that is what it was, a spacecraft. This craft dropped out of the sky at, I estimate, a steep 75 degree angle, heading south, almost right above me. The craft decelerated quickly and getting larger and easier to see what it was. The position of the ship was perpendicular to the earth’s surface when it entered our atmosphere, keeping in this position until it very smoothly, automatically it seemed, rotated to a “right side up” position and leveled out, just as it disappeared in the darkness. The spacecraft seemed like it was pulsating when it first appeared and it did go behind some sparse tall tree tops. No external lights were visible and it was totally silent. The craft continued flying south, paralleling just to the east of the Bitterroot Mountains and the Montana/Idaho border. Speed by then was probably in the hundreds of miles per hour. This seemed like it happened very fast, but it must have been 5-6 seconds or more.I had my best view when I was looking at the top portion of the spacecraft as it was rotating level. Around its perimeter, it was plated, armored, fit together in a definite angled radius of the ship’s oval shape. In the center was a raised half circle section, shaped in a radius in front and open in the rear, much like a game horse shoe. It was very sleek looking and was totally silent. The spacecraft’s size; when I hold my arm out, the space between my thumb and finger would be about 1 to 1 ½. I have short arms. Thinking about it on where I was, the mountains surrounding me being some miles away, I think when it was at its closest, it was 2-3 miles and making the calculations, I believe it would be 100-200 feet long, 40-60 feet wide and thin, although I am not sure how thick it was. When the craft entered the earth’s atmosphere or appeared, I feel it was 25,000’ to 50,000’ in elevation, probably higher than that.After this was over, I immediately went to the cab of my truck and wrote down the time and what happened. I then went over to my friend’s camper and asked him if he had seen anything and with it being totally silent, he hadn’t. I then elaborated what I had just witnessed.On November 18th, I was able to stop back by, having to walk in this time of the year a mile in due to the snow to where we had camped and I saw the spacecraft. It is one thing to have seen something and another to put it down on paper. I wanted to go back to take some photos and get a better descriptive narrative in my own mind of what I saw. The craft did come down higher than I originally thought, my original thought was 12,000’ to 15,000’. It is still my biggest unknown. Those who have seen the Space Station flying thru the sky, gleaming brightly due to the sun’s reflection on it’s silvery surface, then only to disappear when the reflection is lost, will know what I mean. Knowing this, this craft had to still be in the suns rays when it appeared and it was dropping rapidly and decelerating. I also lowered the space between my finger and my thumb when I held my arm out to gauge its size, I originally had down 1 ½” to 2” and 200’ to 400’ long.Why did this alien craft choose this location to enter the earth’s atmosphere? After reflecting on this for a bit, I think that with the upper Big Hole Valley, west of Jackson, Montana, being a very remote location, is why this area was chosen. We were 10 miles east of the Montana/Idaho border. Jackson residents would be able to see the initial explosion of re-entry, but only a silhouette after, if that, as they would be seeing the “dark side” of the disc, as I was seeing the lit up side where I was. The residents in the Salmon, Idaho area would be farther away and possibly see the explosion and briefly a “falling star”, until it disappeared behind the mountains. I feel that is why the craft comes in perpendicular to the earth’s surface. Its visibility is limited to the people to the east, where it is most in view. Just before the craft rotated level, it lost the suns rays and disappeared. I suppose the area should be checked to see if there were any reports of sighting! s or such that night. There were a few more people camped out in the area, but not close to us. Most people would be in their camps or trailers that time of the evening.It was an extraordinary event that I witnessed, especially the detail that I saw it in. I do plan on having a drawing made up after I post this.

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