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Salmon, Idaho (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 16. October 2002
Reported on
Shape: Bullet, Missile | Duration: Undisclosed

i was coming home form a hunting trip i was sitting in the window seat. i first noticed the object not really thinking anything about it but then after about 10 minutes i looked up again and saw it again and it was about the same distance away from us earlier but we had probably gone about 100 miles or so. when i first saw the object i thought it was anohter plane. the objects actions werent anything real unuasual untill it went away it seemed to go one way then turn completly around and just sort of took off going west. my reactoin was kind of disblief i had never seen a UFO but had always wanted to see one but im still not sure what it was. there was about 5 other people who took notice to it too on the plane. i lost site of the object when it went the oppsite way that the plane was heading.

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