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Rocky Boy, MT

Sighted on Saturday 08. September 2012
Reported on
Shape: Diamond | Duration: 2-3 hours

me & a couple of friends went outside to smoke a cigg & we noticed a craft hovering above centennial mt. the colors i saw were blue, red, orange, white,& green. the coloring would get really bright & then dim out. it would move at a slow pace. not to long after that there were a few more crafts in the distance, i couldnt tell the shapes but by the lighting of the objects i knew they were of the same kind of aircraft. we continued to observe these aircrafts until it broke daylight & they disappeard into the light

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Havre, MT 2010-05-10 Light 5 minutes
Havre, Montana (United States) 2010-05-10 Star-like Undisclosed
Box Elder, Montana (United States) 2010-04-03 Disc 00:12:00
Havre, Montana (United States) 2010-03-30 Circle 00:40:00
Havre, MT 2010-03-11 Light 30 minutes
Havre, MT 2010-03-11 Other 1 hour
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Havre, MT 2009-11-09 Fireball 10 Min.
Hays, Montana (United States) 2009-02-15 Undisclosed Undisclosed
Chester, Montana (United States) 2008-10-03 Disc, Flash, Sphere, Star-like, Other Undisclosed
Havre, MT 2008-02-08 Triangle 2.5 hours
Havre, Montana (United States) 2007-04-12 Circle, Fireball, Sphere Undisclosed
Hays, MT 2007-02-18 Fireball 10 minutes
Hays, MT 2005-11-18 Fireball 1 minute
Havre, MT 2005-09-14 Light 10 minutes
Havre, MT 2005-09-14 Formation 10 min.
Havre, MT 2003-05-23 Formation 2 minutes
Havre, MT 2003-01-09 Fireball 10 minutes
Havre, MT 2000-12-28 Disk 5 min
Havre, Montana (United States) 1998-07-20 N, A 00:02:00
Liberty County (on highway), MT 1998-06-01 Other 20 seconds
Chinook, MT 1998-03-07 Changing 2hours
Box Elder (Rocky Boys' Indian Agency), MT 1993-05-18 Triangle 1 hour