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Umpire, AR

Sighted on Thursday 18. October 2012
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 5 minutes

Very low to the ground, and one craft with three large orange lights.My girlfriend and I were driving to her house at night, and while going down a hill, I noticed a large orange light in the sky. It was a very good distance away, but I knew it was larger than the normal stars. While I was trying to figure out what it was, the light split into two orange balls, and then vanished within a few seconds. My girlfriend did not see it, but I made sure she didn’t think I was crazy.A few miles down the road, she tells me that she can see it. I look on the right hand side of the road, and approximately 500 yards away there are three orange balls in a horizontal line hovering probably 100-200 feet off the ground. We turn right on a road and can still see them through the trees. I try to pull into a road to see them very close, and then it appeared to either take off really fast then disappear, or the lights just turned off one by one. I believe that it started moving east at a high rate of speed, but she thinks that it just turned its lights off.I have a friend a few towns over who said he saw the same thing at 21:30, and he received a call from someone saying that they saw the craft being chased by a jet, but the jet could not catch it. That happened at 21:45.

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