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Texarkana, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 03. November 2012
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Shape: Cone, Other, Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

11/04/2012 Wright Patman LakeTexarkana, TXI took these pictures last night while a storm was heading our way and we were on our Harley going over the dam at Wright Patman Lake; then onto the road to camp areas further down, boat ramps etc... and the wooded area after crossing the dam. We saw a deer, raccoon and assorted critters eyes but it was dark and we could only see them when we came up on them. I held the iphone to the sky. I leaned on my husband's shoulders as my arm was tired from holding the phone up. Never left the sky other than spillway and land shots. The bikes headlights were the only lights on the road not in the sky. It was NEVER the headlights. I took a picture of my brother in-laws bike behind us so there is a great difference from a motorcycle headlight and what the picture is showing. In addition, took a picture of the spillways so at the time and did not realize it would be important as to a light issue. This is Us Army Corps of Engineers property so no street lights, as they are a camp area, woods, boating docks, lake to swim and dam to cross over and see such beauty in Texarkana, TX. No watercraft or boats on the lake due to the storm. I have a shot of a glass top lake empty did not know I would need this proof either. Lights if any were at the spillways, where they fish off the dam I have picture of it also. I shot the water flowing as they shut off the gates and the overspill flow. When I held my iphone up and snapped photos as we rode crossing the dam, I used the flash a few times and the rest no flash it seemed to take pictures faster and in-between the sky lit up from some lightning. I caught the sky light up from the storm and many pictures are shots are of nothing but black. I knew I got some pretty shots by chance of the lighted sky over the lake and then the woods. The sky was constant lighting up. We never saw these things or lights in the sky only when we got home; looked at my camera phone to see what I caught. My Brother in-law and husband never said a word; in fact, my husband wondered, why the bike weaving and no wind blowing was. It was me shooting pictures at the sky leaning side to side (do not ever do that very dangerous) I did not realize that I was doing this. None of us saw anything but the sky from a storm coming or we surely would have stopped. Not easy to do while in motion. (Good iphone)I have a bunch of before and after pictures so the black sky to the lighted sky will happen in steps. I can send all of them to you if you want. I am freaked never ever did I expect to catch anything but lightning or a lighted sky off the trees or lake. WOW. We have camped at the lake and taken pictures many as well but never saw anything like this!

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