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Hooks, TX

Sighted on Wednesday 07. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 30 min.

3 UFO's sighted, two wittnesses, happened only a few hours agoI ran across you site not long ago searching for other peoples sightings and experiences, we have seen a few things and I was curious on what was out there. My previous sightings are old and my memory not good on them, so I will not get into them, except that we (my wife and I) saw what looked like a UFO Dec 13th around 8pm on the way home from Plano, TX.My story begins with some intrigue, last night our power seemingly went out, my wife and I awoke due to our fan going off, I quickly got up to shutdown my desktop before the APC ran down, but noticed that it was not beeping, then noticed we still had power, thinking it was strange that our bedroom breaker would go out on its own I went back to bed.It began getting colder in the house so I forced myself to get out of bed to check the breakers, thinking that our central heat possibly caused a breaker to trip. Before getting outside I noticed that half the house was without power, not just my room and the heater, when I got outside there were NO breakers thrown, baffled, I went back. Before getting back inside I looked up at the clear night sky, only to find a flying star, "shooting star," I ask myself? Not possible, it moved extremely smooth and consistent, almost unreal, nearly straight above me moving east to west, solid white light (like a star), it slowly faded so faint I thought it disappeared, but it was still visible.I continued tracking, then it became strong again (about 10 seconds of strong light and 10 seconds of faint light), it shifted direction and disappeared again, but this time I could not see it any longer (it did not go off into the horizon, it simply disappeared), so I turned around looked up to see the rest of the sky, AND LOW AND BEHOLD, ANOTHER!!! That’s right, almost brighter than the first, now I am watching another one flying north to south. I couldn’t take it anymore, it was about 5:30am, I quickly went inside and got my wife, it took about ten minutes to get her outside, daylight was approaching, and when we looked up scanning the sky we couldn’t see anything, she looked down on the horizon facing North, and she sees one!!! I did not get to see it, she said it streaked across the sky shifted direction (up) and disappeared, I was satisfied enough not to be disappointed.A little background on my wife and me. We live in the Texarkana area (outside of the city), I am a highly credentialed systems engineer, serve on a financial board, and often photograph the night sky with my wife’s DSLR (thus I know what the sky is suppose to look like, as well as what airplanes and meteor storms).My wife is a home maker, takes care of me and our 4 kids, she is also a photographer of her own business, and she runs a local MOPS group.Both of us are skeptics and believers, mostly that not all sightings are real, and not all sightings are UFO’s, sometimes just unidentified to us.

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