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Ely, MN

Sighted on Saturday 13. October 2012
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Shape: Light | Duration: current

Bright lights over 40,000 feet high stationary/hovering with occassional erratic movement, not star, plane, or satelite.I was sitting on my porch when a bright "star" caught the corner of my eye. The light was cast between the branches of a Red Pine, and I couldn't help but to stare at it. The rays coming off the light made it look like a snowflake I first counted 7 rays beaming from it but as I continued to stare I was able to count 12. I was fascinated alone with its brightness, but then it dissapeared; so I thought. I moved my head and was able to see it again from my new vantage point, and that's when it hit me... stars don't move.So I moved to the middle of my yard for a better view through the clear moonless sky, and I noticed there were more lights with the others much more distant. As I gazed at the lights I could see they were subtly moving side to side, up and down and in small circles. Usually the movements were slow which caused me to second guess whether or not they were actually moving but then the larger closer light moved erratically to the right and then up, before back down and left to its starting point. I called my fiance to come outside and she saw it move as well, but wasn't as convinced as I was.I called a friend up and he couldn't see it from his place so he drove to my house and we watched it for a good 5-10 minutes before it made a large movement like previously described. He freaked out and drove home, this isn't anything either of us would have dreamed we would witness. We were both hesitant to call it what we both thought it was, a ufo, but now I am convinced.There were also several "shooting stars" near these lights throughout the course of observation. I took video footage, but I don't know how well it is going to turn out with the simple quality of my camera.The lights were directly east of my position at 47°54′8″N 91°51′21″W

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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None (Voyageurs national Park), MN 2008-07-31 Light 10-15 seconds
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Ely, MN 2007-11-02 Cigar 15 seconds
Chisholm, MN 2007-10-22 Triangle 5 Seconds
Two Harbors, Minnesota (United States) 2007-08-17 Fireball, Star-like Undisclosed
Lutsen, Minnesota (United States) 2007-06-15 Bullet, Missile, Cylinder 12:28:26
Chisholm, Minnesota (United States) 2007-06-09 Fireball 00:05:00
Babbitt, MN 2007-01-15 Light 10 min
Two Harbors, MN 2006-10-23 Unknown 2 hours
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Great Scott, MN 2006-08-19 Flash fifetenn minutes
Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN 2005-07-06 Cigar 20-25 mn
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Aurora, Minnesota (United States) 2003-08-04 Blimp Undisclosed
Finland, Minnesota (United States) 2002-11-24 Circle, Disc, Oval, Sphere Undisclosed
Lutsen, MN 2002-08-05 Unknown ~2 minutes
Ely, MN 2002-05-21 Cigar 1 hour
Gheen, MN 2001-06-29 Unknown 1-3 minutes
Cotton, MN 2001-01-05 Unknown 1 minute
Ely, MN 2000-06-08 Diamond 1 min
Virginia, MN 2000-05-15 Other 30secs
Babbitt, MN 2000-02-01 Other 8-10 minutes
Cotton, MN 1999-09-10 Triangle 5 seconds
Gilbert, MN 1999-01-11 Circle 2 mins
Cook, MN 1998-07-05 Light seven to eight minutes
Boundary Waters, MN 1998-07-05 Egg 10 minutes
Lake Vermillion, MN 1998-07-05 Disk 1 1/2 hours
Boundary Waters, MN 1997-08-12 Oval 30 sec.
Buhl, MN 1996-06-15 Rectangle 5 minutes
Embarrass, MN 1995-11-10 Disk 1-3 mins
Ely, MN 1992-04-13 Light roughly 1 min.
Skibo, Minnesota (United States) 1990-10-10 Undisclosed 01:00:00
Hibbing, MN 1987-04-21 Circle 15 min.
Ely, MN 1984-06-15 Diamond 1 hour +
Lutsen, Minnesota (United States) 1983-12-01 Circle Undisclosed
Ely, Minnesota (United States) 1980-05-31 Circle Undisclosed
Hibbing, Minnesota (United States) 1979-06-22 Square, Rectangular 00:05:00
Lutsen, Minnesota (United States) 1979-03-31 Cigar Undisclosed
Chisholm, Minnesota (United States) 1978-08-15 Boomerang 01:25:00
Ely, Minnesota (United States) 1978-07-18 Unknown 01:00:00
Ely, Minnesota (United States) 1978-07-15 Unknown 12:00:00