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Embarrass, MN

Sighted on Tuesday 21. April 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 15 seconds

Bright amber lights, rotating around with small white lights moving quickly and erratically in night sky.At 9:40pm this evening, while standing on my steps, I was looking towards the eastern sky when I witnessed 3 large amber lights, they were all symmetrical to one another and evenly spaced apart. The lights were much larger than any star and I would compare the total width of the 3 lights in a row to that of a full moon that is just rising up. (When the moon is brighter orange and appears to sit just above tree top levels.) I watched the bright amber lights rotate towards the north, (my left facing east) and witnessed another complete set of 3 amber lights, with the rotation the lights appeared to stay within the same proximity of one another and also appeared to be what I would say part of the same “craft”, being the one set of lights rotated around out of my sight and another set appeared.I witnessed the bright amber lights for approximately 15 seconds, and just as the lights had rotated I witnessed 3 or 4 smaller white lights, what would appear the size of a star in the sky, these white lights were moving around very erratically in the same general area of the amber lights.After contacting the National UFO Reporting Center, I contacted the local law enforcement and was informed by the deputy sheriff that he had also witnessed the same lights as well as another witness that was in his squad car at the time. The sheriff’s location at the time of the sighting was approximately 12-17 miles east north east of my location, and he witnessed the lights to the west of his location.((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and we found her to be both sincere, and sober-minded. PD))

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