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Susanville, CA

Sighted on Monday 08. October 2012
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Shape: Flash | Duration: 2 seconds

stars which becomes extemely bright, and then disappearWhile jogging on a cloudless pre-dawn morning, I observed an object which appeared to be a typical star, which suddenly became extremely bright;and then completely disappeared. This is not the first time that I have witnessed this phenomena. However, I had never noticed this sort of thing until I moved to this part of California about 20 years ago. On prior occasions, I have witnessed multiple examples of this phenomena within time frames of several minutes,or so. Also, approximately three months ago; at approx. 8:00AM one morning,I observed what appeared to be a shiny, silver ball which appeared to be the approximate size of a small civilian aircraft; which was completely stationary in the sky in a south-easterly direction of Susanville,Ca, in the vicinty of a mountain named Thompson Peak, at an estimated altitude of approx. 10,000ft. I, unfortunately; was only able to observe it for about five minutes, and then was forced to leave my location. What really w! as fascinating to me about this event,is that I subsequently found out the next day,from a news report; that there had been an meteor, or comet which had entered the atmosphere in this vicinity of the state, and that many people had reported what they thought to be an earthquake or loud explosion, at virtually the exact time that I had observed this silvery object. However, I didn't hear or feel anything unusal, myself.

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